5 Smartphone Security Apps for Protecting Your Mobile Device

Your smartphone is a highly personalized device loaded with private data such as images, videos, contacts, text messages, chats and even emails. These smart devices, however, are susceptible to attack from viruses, malware and spyware. No wonder then that making smartphones more secure has been on top of the technological advancement agenda lately. Installing an effective security app is a basic yet one-stop-solution to keep your privacy intact. Here is a list of top five picks among popular smartphone security apps that will do the trick for you.

F-Secure Mobile Security

This is a top of the line anti-virus app available for smartphones today. Besides offering protection against virus and malware infestation in your smartphone device, the app also offers features such as parental control, app and contact blacklisting feature, and content filters. While in most other apps, these additional features are offered as add-ons that need to be downloaded separately, F-Secure has it all integrated in one place, which makes it more appealing to smartphone users.

Available on: Android

Best Phone Security Pro

The app seems to be blowing its own trumpet, but considering it is one of the best security apps available for iOS users, you can’t really complain. The app provides an additional layer of security to your iOS device through pattern lock and passcode options. Besides, it works as an efficient anti-theft feature as Best Phone Security Pro is equipped to capture photo of any person trying to steal your device, track the thief’s location and even sound an alarm in case of too many unauthorized access attempts.

Available on: iOS

McAfee Mobile Security 2.0

The revamped version of mobile security app from McAfee, McAfee Mobile Security 2.0, is as aggressive in terms of virus detection and alerts as its desktop counterpart. Besides offering protection against viruses, spyware and phishing programs, the security app also provides app protection, web protection, anti-theft features, and protection against adware. The app also supports online management of smartphone devices through features such as remote lock, wipe, and backup and restore.

Available on: Android, iOS


Creating a cloud back-up for your smartphone is not only in vogue but also an extremely user-friendly and convenient way to make sure your data is not lost in case of replacement, theft or damage to your mobile device. However, recent incidents of data leak from cloud storage have put the phenomenon under scanner. The SpiderOak app is an efficient way to protect the data backed up on a cloud. The zero knowledge storage option offered by the app ensures that the cloud hosting company has no knowledge pertaining to the data you backup on its cloud, thereby eliminating the risk of online leaks.

Available on: Android, iOS

Clueful Privacy Advisor

Did you know it is possible for a third-party to keep track of mobile activity? The Clueful Privacy Advisor is an effective way to eliminate the ‘big brother watching’ syndrome. The app issue privacy scores on your smartphone activity and issues alerts to users in case their privacy is being compromised. The results are based on a thorough scan of the apps installed on your smartphone device.

Available on: Android

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