4 Android Apps for College Students that Really Help

Becoming a college student means that you have to change the ways you do things. College life is totally different from high school life.

Expect to find a heavy workload, especially if the course is technical. But this should not worry you.

There are essential tools that will help you succeed in college. This post explains the various android apps for college students that really help.

1. edX

edX is a unique app that helps students get additional courses from top universities. These courses are online. By using the edX app, you are guaranteed high-quality resources from universities such as Harvard. A special advantage of this app is that you can continue learning while you are on holiday.

2. Any.do

Every college student has got a busy schedule. You may find that sometimes you are too busy to an extent of forgetting some of the essential things. Therefore, you need a reminder to keep track of which task is ahead of you.

With the help of Any.do app, you can organize your task into both main tasks and subtasks. There is a cloud syncing that allows you to access the app using many devices. Be more organized with the help of Any.do.

3. Adobe Apps

Adobe app is one of the most commonly used apps by college students. It has a variety of features that get things done efficiently. You will find that there are other single apps within the main adobe app. If your work in college involves Photoshop, then you should try the Adobe Photoshop. You also get a chance to add other effects to your images.

4. Chegg Study

As a college student, your assignments may be overwhelming, and therefore you need resources to get it done. Chegg Study is an app that helps you access millions of learning resources.

If you fail to get the answer that you are looking for, you can leave your problem there, and it will be solved within two days. You can download this app for free. The shortcoming of this app is that you must pay a monthly subscription starting from $14.95/month.

As you can see, life in college can be made easier with these apps. You only need to know the one that best fits your course. Some of these are free while others come with a price. Know your needs first, and then make use of some of them.

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