Apple TV Changes Shape With Open App Submissions

Since its launch, Apple TV had been criticized for its limited programming and available applications. All of that changed when they launched tvOS and opened submissions to its app store. Now, developers can use tvOS, an operating system similar to iOS, to design products specifically for Apple TV and submit them for review.

Apple TV keeps a fluid document for guidelines and standards regarding submissions to their store, and they make it clear that they expect quality and unique submissions. Any business hoping to access this new platform for connecting with audiences and consumers should expect to work with a professional developer. To really challenge industry standards, though, companies with a digital presence should collaborate with award-winning, versatile designers familiar with a number of operating systems, including tvOS.

Before teaming up, it’s good to understand a developer’s processes and practices. They are the experts, and any business will want to work with people who are transparent about what they do. Ideal design partners practice responsive work procedures to keep any project competitive in an age of constantly evolving technology.

The sprint-and-scrum method is an important model for successfully completing ground-breaking projects that won’t be outdated before they’ve even launched. Sprints are periods of intensive work to complete scheduled tasks in iterations. Scrums are daily meetings that inject feedback into ongoing projects. Clients are shown the results of each sprint so that they can provide feedback, allowing teams to save time on revisions and updated expectations.

An agile philosophy to product design allows teams to rapidly adapt to changing expectations. Award-winning developers Clearbridge Mobile integrate five core approaches into every project: Project Management, Product Strategy, Design, Development, and Quality Assurance. Project Management must be done to build an application from nothing or to improve and adapt existing digital products; it’s important for developers to be transparent about their progress and share frequent status reports with their partners.

Product Strategy creates a schedule for work and predicts the method and timing of its adoption by users. Design is a collaborative effort where a unique user experience is planned, including wireframes and mockups to give partners a vision of the product to come. It’s all part of an integrated development approach that delivers on a predictable timetable while still responding rapidly to a client’s ongoing feedback.

Partnering with a firm with experts in iOS, like Clearbridge Mobile, is the only way to keep your brand relevant in the ever-changing world of digital technology. Apple has been explicit about the level of quality it expects from submissions to the App Store. In order to protect the value of professionally developed, top-tier products, they routinely reject amateur attempts that don’t live up to a certain standard.

Game-changing design is the only way to bring your brand to new platforms like Apple TV. Visit Clearbridge Mobile for additional info on tvOS and the benefits of working with a firm experienced in Fortune 500 partnerships. You can never rest on your laurels in the mobile world; there’s always a better way to experience your brand.

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