Chatbots – A Digital Marketing Trend (with Pros and Cons)

Customer support channels are there to connect and communicate with site visitors. In the past, chatbots were mainly about offering site visitors and customers a more responsive way to get assistance through text methods.

However, since advancements in technology are designed to improve convenience and increase a better customer experience, chatbots have elevated digital marketing and turned into a must-have for any business looking to have an online presence.


Today, chatbots are seen as one of the leading and dominating digital marketing trends to take over 2022. Thanks to Al-based technology, businesses with an online presence can provide customers and visitors with instant messaging as a responsive way to connect with them.

By using auditory and textual methods, sites can leverage and engage with their site visitors in the best way possible. Responsiveness is key. Even though live agents are ideal to use for interacting with customers and site visitors, online presences present the reality of sometimes experiencing high volumes of requests at one time.

Live chat agents tend to be limited and therefore, the assistance numbers can’t be contained at times. So, chatbots can be of great benefit to your business and site visitors to provide more responsive feedback without the need to wait or hire more live agents to accommodate the traffic.

With chatbots, this technology can respond to hundreds of visitors simultaneously. Businesses have the luxury of offering their support 24/7 and customers can receive instant responses to their inquiries within a matter of seconds.

The experience may not be as personalized as a live agent, however, the chatbot’s support channel can guarantee businesses excellent service. In this way, businesses can eliminate the chance of receiving repetitive tasks and can focus more on directing their attention to the more important things.

Businesses may be concerned about the less personalized experience that customers may not appreciate, but research shows that 69% of customers prefer chatbot messaging to get instant answers to simple queries.

How Chatbots Work?

To run a chatbot, three classification methods are used:

  • Pattern-matching Bots: These classify texts and create responses based on selected keywords within the text thanks to the AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) standard structure.
  • Algorithm Bots: These bots have a unique pattern that’s able to answer different questions based on information provided on a database.
  • Artificial Neural Network Bots: These bots use specific solutions to calculate a response to a question through the use of content in the provided data and weighted connections.

From one of these three classification methods, the system will simulate human communication that users will use to converse with by voice or through chat interface.

Advantages and Disadvantages to Using a Chatbot

Ultimately, the goal is to provide site visitors and customers with the best experience possible in an effective and efficient way. But since chatbots can help in digital marketing, these can come in quite handy for businesses as well.

If you would like to consider chatbots for your online business, you might want to consider the following advantages and disadvantages.


  • The chance to get to know your customer thanks to conversational chatbots that help customers structure their desires, make more strategic decisions, and improve their overall experience.
  • Businesses can use them as selling machines to offer responsive and immediate assistance to potential customers, send out proactive notifications, and help promote recently launched products.
  • Customer service is available 24/7 anywhere, anytime.
  • Businesses can optimize their costs by not spending money on hiring a large team of live agents to accommodate a large influx of people needing help.
  • Because chatbots are programmed to answer all kinds of frequently asked questions, customers can get answers within an instant, in turn, reducing queues and increasing customer satisfaction.


  • The chatbot may not be able to answer personalized questions since chatbots are programmed and are not human.
  • Programming the chatbot can take time.
  • Chatbots are constantly in need of optimization, maintenance, and revision.


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