Pro Online Dating Profile Tips for a Mature Single Woman

Getting back in the dating game is never easy, and it gets that much harder if you’re a mature single woman who has the baggage of the past of deal with and feels completely out of touch with the latest ‘trends’ and dynamics. If you consider the alternative – which is missing out on a great companionship, the odds don’t seem all that insurmountable.

To get started, first and foremost, you need to identify an appropriate platform. Next comes, the make-or-break task of setting up your profile. With the right online dating profile tips, you can ace this all-important step in your journey of rediscovering romance.

1. Put Yourself Out There

One of the golden tips for online dating profile is to make it a reflection of who you are. And keep it interesting. Instead of focussing on where you have studied or worked, attract attention to the little details that make you the person you are.

If you love dogs, for instance, mention that. Or cats or any animal for that matter. If you’re passionate about food, include that. Talk about favourite recipes, cities, wines, music, or books, to allow others to understand the person behind the profile.

2. Don’t Hide Your Vulnerabilities

Everyone has a few skeletons in their closet. Everyone has personality traits they are not proud of. While you don’t have to put every single detail about your life on a dating platform, it bodes well to let a few chinks in your armour show.

That odd-laughter, a pet peeve, a strong dislike for certain traits or habits, a passion for others…these are the things that make you human, so don’t shy away from bringing them out.

3. Put Some Effort in Pictures

If you scour the Internet for online dating statistics and profile examples to attract men, they’ll all have one thing in common – great photos.

At this stage of your life, you may not be too inclined to put on Façade, and that’s all very well. But there is a fine line between faking it and putting your best foot forward, and we’re rooting for the latter.

Put a day off to good use, wear some makeup and your favourite dress, may be ask a friend or one of your children to click a few pictures of you, touch them up a tad, et voila, you are all set to impress.

4. Talk about Family

Family is one element you can’t take out of the mix when you want to start dating at a more mature stage in life – whether you are in your 40s, 50s or even looking at over 60s dating.

Keep the information to the point but be truthful. Your past relationship status – if you’ve been married before, whether you are divorced or widowed, or if you’ve been single all along – as well as details on children, if any, must come across clearly.

If you are diverse in your sexual preferences, make it a point to mention that too.

5. Go the Listicle Way

A lot of people procrastinate on completing their online dating profiles because they are not confident about their writing abilities. Well, you’re not writing a piece of literature here.

If the idea of long paragraphs and fancy words unnerves you, you can choose a simple online dating profile template and follow a listicle format to give out all the important info in brisk pointers. No one has the time to read long-winding sentences anyway.

The Bottom Line

If an online dating profile is genuine, it’ll surely stand out in a crowd of clichés. That’s what you should aim to achieve.

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