Factors to Consider While Buying Used CNC Machines

The high-price of new Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines makes it next to impossible to purchase and own it. So, in this situation, where the money plays a lead and decision-making role, the best option is to look for used CNC machines. Like always said, to get something good, you have to endure pain, it is the same with buying a used CNC machine.

It is not a simple task as many factors must be considered in mind for if invested rightly, it will bless you with fortune rain. It sure is worth the money for it is the best economical and smartest investment for your industry to benefit huge returns.

Once you have made up your mind to buy used CNC machines, your next step should be to gather information as to what to expect and how to buy it rightly. Let’s take a look at the tips below.

Guide to Used CNC Machine

Before you start hunting for places and sites to buy a used CNC machine, make sure you follow a few important instructions. This will help you greatly in increasing your productivity and also play a great investment role.

Manual Request

This may sound unnecessary, but trust us, a manual is a must for every used CNC machine. There are chances that your CNC machines may be different from the other ones, or its features and models may differ and, in most situations, different working operations.

The manual is an important part of the CNC machines as it will help in the maintenance processes of electrical, programming, and other related machine aspects. The most prime part about the manual is you can get the machine get fixed by yourself without calling any outsiders, just with the help of a manual guide.

Compare Information on the Data Sheet

It does not matter what model or type of CNC machine you buy, there will always be a data sheet on the machines back panel. The datasheet will give you the complete information of the basic options and functions that the machine was modeled with.

The important information on the datasheet is the machine’s serial number. With this number, you can get in touch with the manufacturer and know more information about the machine.

Besides, you will also know who the buyer was and their purchase date, giving you the valuable information of its period.

Level of Tolerance

Though the used CNC machine will not give you 100% precision and accuracy, it should still have a good level of tolerance. With years of usage, it is exposed to wear and tear, making it vulnerable to go beyond the desired tolerance level.

The standard tolerance level must be around 0.001 in- 0.002 in. This is considered a perfect range and makes the entire machine and its parts good in its working conditions.

Updated Machines

As a known fact, CNC machines are high-tech machinery that needs updated programs on a regular basis. So, when you are looking for a used CNC machine, one thing that must interest you is its updated features and programs.

Also, make sure that the updated program meets your industry requirements. Apart from the updated features, take note of the parts and components availability, so that it gives you no trouble in the future.

Hold and Move all the Axes

The cutting work of the CNC machines works through the X, Y, and Z, which is done smoothly, automatically, and with no issues related to fractions. Make sure to inspect the transition for its smoothness and no oscillation is found to assure a perfect CNC machine.

Examine the Spindle Time/Machine Time/Linear Guides

The spindle does most of the job in the CNC machine. When investing in the used CNC machine, pay heed to the spindle time and how long it has been used by its previous owner.

The machine time will help you know about other machine parts and their requirements. Check the full groove length for the pits browning and discoloration to ensure the satisfactory sale price.

Work Only with a Trustworthy Marketplace or an Individual

while the above tips are important, one prime thing that exceeds all the above is to work only with a trustworthy marketplace or an individual. They are the only people who will give you the quality proof and reliable used CNC machines, making your every penny worth it.

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