5 Tips for Singles to Find a Date Online for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and all the singles out there – especially the ones who are actively looking to date – are feeling the heat yet again. After all, there is nothing more sobering than that sinking feeling that you’re going to have to sit out yet another ‘celebration of love’ party.

Add to that the pressure from peers, family and social media, and the thought of going dateless can truly bum you out. On the bright side, in this fast-paced tech-powered world you can find a date for Valentine’s Day even with just 3 days to go. Here are some tips to make that happen.

1. Brush up Your Online Dating Profile

One of the most important Valentine’s Day tips for single people is to give their online dating profile an instant facelift. Irrespective of whether your profile has been active for years or was created just months back, chances are you’ve not really given it a second glance since. Now is a good time to update that info, brush up the ‘About’ section, make your responses to different sections more relevant, and add new photos.

2. Get on with the Swiping Game

Singles who really want that date for Valentine’s Day have got to invest some effort in the process. Apart from the primary dating app that you’ve been using, install at least a couple more. If you’re not sure whether you can keep up juggling apps for the long-term, you can always look up some reliable dating sites and apps to begin with. This will broaden up your options and increase the odds of finding someone you can hit it off with.

3. Log in During Peak Hours

Come Valentine’s Day, and the activity on online dating platforms, especially premium ones, tends to spike. And of course, all of these people are singles looking for dates themselves – basically, your target group! Spend time to decipher when the platform you’re using is most abuzz with activity – it is usually during late evening and night time – and get out there during those peak hours.

4. Leverage Social Media

Not a fan of putting yourself out there on the dating scene online or real life? You can still find a date for Valentine’s Day by leveraging social media the right way. Your social media profiles are bound to have friends from school or college, ex-colleagues, and like-minded people. Perhaps even some old crushes and flames.

Scroll through your list and identify the people who seem interesting, check if they’re single and looking to date, and slide into their DMs. As long as you’re tactful about it, you’ve a good chance of landing a date.

5. Keep Expectations Real

Everyone wants to find a perfect partner. Someone who checks all the boxes in your list of expectations, but the reality is that humans are complex beings with their own inherent quirks and flaws. When looking for your Valentine’s Day date, keep an open mind and may be even shelve a few ‘deal breakers’ from your list.

Make it Count

When you do land a date, make sure you make Valentine’s Day worthwhile for the both of you. After all, you didn’t go through all this trouble for yet another disappointment.

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