Gadgets and Accessories Needed for Remote Work

If you’re new to working remotely and you need to set up your office space at home (or someplace other than your company’s site location, there are several MUST-HAVE gadgets you would have to invest in. These include:


Is your computer at home capable enough to allow you to perform your tasks as efficiently as you did in the office?

For example, if your work involves heavy graphics, your computer must be equipped with graphic cards, sufficient memory and storage.

For non-graphics jobs, a monitor can be a cheap but good one if you choose function over size.

A regular-sized monitor with crisp images is better than a bigger-sized monitor that doesn’t provide you with accurate colors.

Other components you should focus on are:


This is the PC part that executes basic arithmetic, logic, controlling, and input/output operations based on the instructions of a program or other component.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or Solid State Drive (SSD)

Both work as storage, but SSD is faster and ideal for running intensive applications or games. HDD is the traditional storage most computers still use today. If you have money to spare, you can actually use both in one system. You can also consider buying an external HDD if you need more storage in a portable size.

Sound Cards

Almost all computers have sound cards built-in, but if your job entails advanced sound requirements, you might need to upgrade your sound cards. This converts digital data into analog sound waves you can hear.


This connects all other components together, so having an advanced motherboard ensures your wifi, Bluetooth and communication between PC parts are smooth and efficient.


Now that your work PC is ready to go hardware-wise, you now have to check the software you’ll need.

Software refers to the applications that make the computer work and tell it what to do. For example, the Word and Excel from Microsoft Office are applications/programs/apps most work-from-home employees use.

Architects need AutoCAD, which requires more powerful hardware. Sound engineers may need additional industry-specific apps.

The best way to see what software you’ll need is to ask your boss, or double-check your office computer and list down all the programs you’ve been using to complete your tasks.

Internet Connection

Of course, you need a way to communicate with your team or superiors, which is why you have to ensure that your Internet connection is stable and fast enough to handle your uploads and downloads.

If your job requires daily Zoom meetings, this is also just as important. Aside from upgrading to a higher Internet plan, you could also see if you can upgrade your router or improve dead zones and unstable connections with Wi-Fi extenders/boosters.

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Computer Accessories

Technically, you can work remotely with a strong Internet connection, suitable hardware and complete software. But if you wish to work and be efficient at the same time, there are some computer accessories that we recommend you should invest in, including:

Ergonomic Keyboard

This isn’t just for optics. An ergonomic keyboard allows you to type a TON of text properly. This prevents serious conditions like carpal tunnel and gives your hands relief when your job requires a lot of typing. If you’re a writer, editor, programmer, researcher, and other professionals who spend half their days on the keyboard, this is a MUST buy.

Ergonomic Mouse and Extended Mouse Pad

Computer mouse dermatitis is a thing. Using the mouse continuously for too long, whether for work or playing games, can result in darkening of the wrist and callus formation. It affects the hand you use your mouse with (yes, there are left-handed mice in the market too!).

Fortunately, this can easily be solved by an extended mouse pad that covers even your keyboard. If you have an extra budget, invest in an ergonomic mouse as well so your wrist won’t have to rub off the mouse pad anymore.

Headset, Headphones or other Sound Systems

Some jobs require the use of headsets exclusively throughout the shift, so it is important to spend on a branded headset. If the job requires you to listen to music, such as video editing or music producing, specialized sound systems may be needed.

For people who do not like the feel of headphones but need to talk to people, a speaker and microphone combo would be more appropriate.

Office Must-haves

If you’re not comfortable in your existing set-up, you might need to invest in a good computer table, chair, monitor swivel (or monitor stand) that is fitted to your height and preferences.

Buying these accessories adds comfort to your day-to-day work. Some people even buy back massage pillows, foot massage and other similar gadgets that could further help in relieving back pain, eye strain, and neck pain.

Even if you’re working in the comfort of your own home, you’ll still be in front of your computer for extended periods. Investing in your own office setup not only ensures your productivity while working remotely but also prevents burnout and discomfort.

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