Where to Get Free Online Nursing Courses with Certificate?

One of the growing trends in nursing is continuing education to enhance knowledge and thus improve the provision of care. This trend is prevalent and necessary for any nurse wishing to renew their license. State-set continuing education units (CEUs) are specific to employers and differ in regulations that ensure nurses get the proper training to promote optimal continuity of care.

Fortunately, it is relatively easier to locate CEUs, especially in this internet age. There are endless free online courses that can conveniently provide students with the necessary education to improve their capabilities. These are some of the top-performing sites to access free online nursing courses with a certificate:


There is no better place to study nursing courses than Lecturio. Lecturio courses on nursing are perfect for anyone seeking CEUs. You will not have a problem navigating through the site because there is easy access to classes, and signing up does not require a lot of complexities.

If you are unsure which course you want to take, there is additional information on the site about each course to help you in your selection process. All you need to do to join these free online nursing courses is complete a straightforward registration process, including necessary information like your name and contact number.


If you are looking for massive open learning courses to register and advance your nursing career, you should consider OpenLearning due to its vast course list. However, you might need to filter your results using the search bar to help you locate a specific course. Otherwise, there are endless possibilities to consider. It will not cost you any amount to sign up for classes. However, the course creator might decide to charge admissions.


This site provides free online nursing courses to students at a price. The only difference between Udemy and OpenLearning is the former has more classes for students to consider. The best thing about using Udemy is the discounted prices offered to new students.


This site is popular in providing students with free online courses. There is a vast course selection list depending on students’ preferences. One unique benefit of Canvas is that students can learn classes in different languages. Some of the foreign languages included on the site include Dutch, Russian, Portuguese, French, Spanish, and Swedish.

However, not all courses offered in English can receive a translation into a foreign language. Regardless, this advantage accommodates many students around the world. There is a search bar to make browsing courses easier. You will quickly identify the free courses.

Mayo Clinic

Many health care professionals appreciate the Mayo Clinic site as a source of reference. If you want to stay updated on the latest news, including links to CEU courses, you should consider signing up for this site. This online platform effectively creates awareness of crucial medical-related topics and includes videos to help students understand complex concepts. Students who have this site as a resource material will gain an understanding of healthcare.

Medscape Academy and Critical Care

There is no better place to achieve comprehensive learning than on this site. Medscape has countless articles assisting students in receiving plenty of information necessary to advance their careers. Other resources on the site include slideshows and interactive courses that enhance learning outcomes.

Also, students who want to appreciate the significance of learning regulations on healthcare practices would do best to register for this site because there are many courses to help you understand legal liability in healthcare settings. Moreover, Medscape offers a free printable certificate for proof of course completion. However, you can only obtain the certificate upon completing an exam at the end of the course.

If you are a practicing nurse, you need to advance your career by completing CEUs to improve your treatment outcomes by promoting better care provided to your patients. As a result, you will save patients’ lives and help you gain recognition among your colleagues.

Nurses who take time to advance their knowledge can apply for higher leadership positions at their workplace. There is no need to stress finding the right place to complete your free online nursing course with a certificate. All you need to do is select a trusted provider and sign up to start your journey.

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