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If you are looking for quality VoIP services, HotTelecom will change your perspective on modern telephony and help establish any communication (business or personal). Their service has a wide functionality that will provide you with reliable, high-quality, and progressive telephone connections.

VoIP telephony provides the ability to make calls over the Internet, and there are many advantages over traditional telephony. The modernization of the telephone system is a huge step for the successful development of any business. Often, people do not even realize how outdated technologies slow down business processes and reduce profits.


VoIP Technology Basics

IP telephony is a client-server technology. A “client” can be any device capable of receiving a voice signal and playing the received voice traffic. The voice signal from the VoIP channel can go directly to an IP phone connected to an IP network; it can be routed to an analog phone connected to a regular telephone network, or to a mobile phone.
Hottelecom provides an opportunity to work outside the office, freely moving around the city, country, or even the world. The main condition is Internet access. You can make calls from various devices, including mobile gadgets.

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Features of Digital Telephony

Digital telephony has three main characteristics — efficiency, quality, and ease of use. The quality of the service depends on the data transmission channel and network equipment of the VoIP provider.

You do not need to buy expensive technical equipment to provide yourself, your employees, or clients with a stable connection. HotTelecom has all the necessary VoIP equipment to quickly set up IP telephony in your office or home at the most favorable price.

A team of consultants will help you select mobile VoIP gateways, adapters, and IP phones based on the necessary parameters and requirements. Technical support will set up your equipment and install the software so you could enjoy all the telephony functionality to the fullest.

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