How Beneficial It Is to Develop Software from Scratch: Pros and Cons

Upon entering the market, an entrepreneur looks for viable programming assets to help him deliver the product or services to potential clients. While in most cases, the existing proposition is sufficient, there are several instances when it is beneficial to develop software from scratch.

The question of price has always been a barrier for ventures in this issue. Some novice businessmen even lost their appetite for elaborating on individual projects due to the necessity to deal with brand-new programming assets. So, let us review how advantageous it is to design the software from scratch and what the potential expenditures might be.

Pros and Cons of Engaging in Development

This approach in the modern world can be witnessed quite often. In most cases, it is used when none of the existing commercial products satisfies the management of the enterprise. Another possibility as a project might need a new solution is when the business is too dynamic to use the reconfigured version of an existing proposition.

Software development from scratch can be advantageous if:

  • The company’s team has extensive knowledge of the area and knows how to implement the task, what resources are necessary for it, and how beneficial it will be for a project;
  • Development and improvement of a software product can be carried out continuously for an unlimited amount of time without any damage to running the business;
  • There is constant feedback from the end-users of the services who can instantly react to the new upgrades and specify what they would like to change;
  • The organisation has a sufficient budget and is ready to spend additional resources on trials, eradicating errors, and improving the resulted product;
  • The developers are fully competent in the sphere and design the software to find a common language with future users.

At the same time, it is also important to keep in mind that developing the programming assets from scratch will not be advantageous in these cases:

  • The estimated cost is way too high and is not going to pay off shortly. The working time of the involved specialists may not be worth the final result, and it is much more effective to find an existing alternative.
  • Excessive limits of the developers deny the flexibility of the software. The modern business world is not built on linear processes but rather on the embracement of several aspects combined.
  • There is a necessity for a significant increase in the resources of the company’s IT service. There is hardly any need to elaborate a brand-new program if it requires the creation of numerous other assets.
  • It is impossible to organise a well-developed business analysis. Without this stage, the software is not created to meet the requirements of users but becomes an object for the implementation of various ideas of developers.
  • Insufficient documentation measures during the project are present. It is difficult for a specialist who will operate the system in the future to understand how and why a chosen solution is implemented.

These are the main advantages and drawbacks of beginning developing software from scratch. The key conclusion that entrepreneurs have to learn is the possibility of finding an alternative. Elaborating on a brand-new product is efficient and profitable but can be time- and resource-consuming and not always beneficial.

Distribution of Expenditures for Development

There is no exact price for the elaboration of all types of software. It all depends on the aim, scale, and future implementation. At the same time, it is possible to see the distribution of costs during the formation of the development process.

Software creation expenses:

1. Payroll deductions. The amount of the basic and additional salaries for specialists equals 10–15% of the project price.

2. Pre-production costs. This includes money for acquiring the necessary scientific and technical information to design the software. The accepted fee is on average around 5% of the total amount.

3. General and administrative expenses. Usually, the developers dedicate up to 60% of the budget to the main resources.

4. Implementation costs. Expenses associated with the advertising of the software and its application in the project are assumed at 20% of the total capital.

Besides the monetary resources, the development of programming assets from scratch also takes substantial time. While on average this is about a month, some software can take several years until it is completed for regular usage.

Efficient Elaboration by Professionals

During an individual creation of the necessary assets, designers can lack experience in the sphere. In this case, it is advised to resort to expert teams for help. Such companies offer not only smooth development of brand-new software but also existing alternatives where it is possible.

A great example of such guide organisations can be seen in the iGaming industry. Casino Market is a long-standing aggregator of services. Its turnkey casino development capabilities imply the usage of the latest achievements in the sphere. The existing assortment is impressive as well. For more detailed information, it is advised to resort to the company’s support team.

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