How Modern Technology is Changing the Work Landscape and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

For most people, the idea of running their own company is the stuff of dreams. Indeed, the idea of waking each day as your own boss, calling the shots and dictating when, where and how you work does sound appealing – yet, somewhat strangely, very few muster the courage to take the plunge.

For many would-be entrepreneurs, the fear of failure and trading the relative security of full-time employment to take a chance going it alone is just too big a risk to contemplate. However, starting up alone need not be the massive risk-laden choice it often appears to be.

A modern world filled with opportunities if you have the right ideas

While it is true that starting up a firm alone carries with it an inherent risk and may be less secure than working for an established company, it’s worth remembering all firms had a first day at some point – a time when there was likely just the company boss following their dreams.

Also, while it is true that starting a firm can be a little daunting, with today’s modern tech, there is now a world of opportunities available for aspiring entrepreneurs – particularly those with good ideas.

Technology and cloud networking is transforming business models

Through the last decade, cloud technology has been silently revolutionizing the modern workplace allowing businesses to break free from the confines of the traditional office workspace. Where once workers needed to huddle under the same roof sharing the same local network, with cloud technology, staff can be located anywhere they can find an internet connection.

The recent lockdowns and distancing measures imposed by the Coronavirus outbreak only served to highlight just how far cloud technology has come, with firms having little choice but to fall back on their cloud networks. As we now hopefully emerge from the worst of the virus, most industry experts believe the landscape of work has changed irreversibly and many of the measures we saw adopted through COVID measures are now very much here to stay.

Alongside cloud computing, there are various methods that simplify processes, including document management, mailing solutions, and IT managed services. Multiple tools and companies offer such solutions.

Opportunities in the so-called Industry 4.0

This dramatic transformation of working practices has led to the coining of the phrase, Industry 4.0 – in effect, a fourth industrial revolution and a time when technology and machines come to shape the work environments of the future. Below are just a few of the trends (and, therefore, employment opportunities) that are predicted to flourish in the coming years.

Courier Drivers: With such a massive shift to shopping online by customers in recent years, there surely can be little doubt that the trend towards e-commerce will only grow in the future. Setting up a delivery company to help support the online shopping revolution could bring considerable employment security, so much so that there are now multiple delivery driver jobs websites already offering work for delivery drivers.

Set up in a Freelance Capacity: Most industry analysts agree the shift to remote working over the cloud is here to stay. As more and more firms come to realize the benefits of working in the cloud, there could be a ripe future in offering your skills in a freelance capacity.

Learn Networking, IT and other Computer-related Skills: More than at any time in history, computers and the web have become intrinsic to everyday life. If you don’t already have them, learning computer-related skills will help future-proof pretty much any position you might happen to take in the years to come.

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