Find out How Tech is Helping Military Spouses

It has always been difficult for families when their loved ones are deployed. In the days before technology became readily accessible to the general public, there could be long periods of time when families could not speak to their loved ones.

While this is sometimes still the case due to privacy concerns, it is now easier to speak with loved ones in the military thanks to new tech advances. In addition to these advances, the tech world is taking another step to help out military spouses.

Specifically, different tech companies are rolling out programs that offer courses for the spouses of military members. One of these companies is Microsoft. They are offering a preparation course in information technology. This course is designed to prepare students for a career in the field of information technology and the tech industry in general.

The perks of this program do not end there. The program will also match the student with a mentor as well as help them to build their resume. Once the program is complete, the student is guaranteed an interview with Microsoft! Opportunities like that simply do not come around every day!

Another way that tech is helping the spouses of military members is that the internet is opening up a world of resources to them. There are variety of resources that prep military spouses for the workplace. In addition to these resources, this website includes links to other websites and groups that may be helpful to military spouses.

Perhaps a less obvious way that tech is helping military spouses is by bringing them together with others that are experiencing the same thing. When a spouse leaves for the military, it can be a very lonely feeling. Individuals in the spouse’s life may claim to understand, but the spouse may be searching for someone who has actually been through the experience before.

Luckily, there is no shortage of these websites online. This list mentions the top 100 wife and spouse blogs of members of the military. While these people may not live next door, they do provide support in the form of sharing their stories.

Another great opportunity for military spouses are military grants for spouses. These grants are provided to military spouses so that they can further their education while their spouse is deployed. There are many resources available, so if a military spouse has the desire to go back to school (or continue school) the funds are out there!

Going back to the topic that was presented at the beginning of this article, actually talking to loved ones that are deployed is another opportunity that tech companies have provided military spouses. One of the most common modes of communication is cell phones.

Although, not all cell phones are created equally. This article summarizes the most popular cell phones of 2018. This list contains phones at all price points, so you should be able to find a functional phone that will allow you to communicate with your loved one (think video chat!) no matter what kind of budget you are on.

Overall, tech industries are revolutionizing the way military spouses communicate with their loved ones while also providing them with amazing opportunities such as job training and opportunities.

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