How to be Popular on Instagram?

Does your business have an active and effective presence on Instagram? Do you use the platform to drive conversions and improve brand awareness? What does your marketing approach look like on Instagram? If you’re not sure what to do to take advantage of this great, visually-oriented channel, it’s high time to learn and start building on the potential of this social network.

With these 700+ million users, Instagram is increasingly used to sell any type of product or service. From beauty products to high-tech products to info products such as courses on how to be popular on Instagram, and so on.

Instagram caters to such a wide variety of users and entrepreneurs for a variety of reasons: a graphical clean interface with a strong visual orientation, easy to use, Instagram proves to be powerful in terms of growth, visibility and notoriety of your brand or your company.

In any case, if you are ready to enter a new market to sell your products and services, here are 10 tips to be popular on Instagram. But, let’s go step by step.

How to Build Your Popularity on Instagram?

The best marketing strategies on social networks take several aspects and parameters into account: continually gain followers, boost the engagement rate, make effective calls to action to generate clicks for example and so on. Instagram can help you achieve these kinds of goals.

The engagement rate is a metric that allows us to measure the level of interaction (likes, comments, views of videos) average between the Instagram followers of a page and the content shared by it. It is calculated by dividing the average number of interactions generated by a post by the number of followers.

For example, if a page has 100K followers, and a post published on this page generates an average of 1K interactions (likes, comments included considering a photo), then its engagement rate would be 1%  i.e. (1000/100000) * 100 .

SEO should always be an important lever for your digital marketing strategy, it’s true. However, you have very little chance to beat the big brands that are putting huge budgets on it to compete for the top spot on Google.

That’s why, social networks can be a powerful ally to reach small businesses that want to grow their audience and online presence. You can use Instagram photo and reels downloader apps to repost popular and useful contents from other users (of course with the permission of the original creators and giving appropriate credit to them) to keep your followers engaged and entertained.

You do not need a huge budget to stay efficient and effective by using Facebook ads. But as powerful and effective as it may be to use Facebook ads, it must be recognized that the organic reach and level of engagement on Facebook has dropped dramatically in recent years.

Where to put his head then? You understand it … on Instagram !!!

If we take into account statistics made public comparing Facebook and Instagram, from the point of view of marketers in recent years, this gives this:

The organic reach has decreased by 63% in the last four (04) years while it has reached 115% on Instagram.

The percentage of Instagram users interacting with brands is more than two (02) times that of Facebook users.

Only 36% of marketers use Instagram against 93% using Facebook.

The average order value is much higher on Instagram than on Facebook. On Facebook, brands/companies reach only 6% of their followers/subscribers per publication while on Instagram, brands/companies reach upto 100% of their followers/subscribers.

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