How to Recover Photos from SD Cards?


SD cards are the extension of the main storage devices. You can even consider it to be a secondary storage device that offers the features of portability. Most people use SD cards as data-sharing storage devices.

An SD card is a small external memory card that gives you the flexibility of expanding your internal storage devices. But the only drawback of these SD cards is that they are vulnerable. Just because they are primarily used for sharing data, they are used in different devices, which expose them to physical damage risk.

Can Photos Be Recovered from SD Card?

When you are using an SD card, you are exposing it to damage risk. So, when an SD card is damaged, can you recover your precious photos out of it? Yes, you certainly can!

1. Recovering Photos from Backup

An SD card is used as an extended storage device for photographic devices. That means it holds some of the most valuable data. If you are a person of good value and follow the best data management practices, you would certainly have a data backup for your SD card. You can use the backup to recover your lost data.

However, there is one flaw in the data backup recovery process. You can recover the data backed up before the backup. For instance, you can take a photo, and without backing the photo, if the photo is lost, you won’t be able to recover that photo from the backup.

2. Recovering Photos from Device’s Internal Memory

The place to look for the lost photos is the device’s internal memory. When you accidentally delete some of your photos, it is logically deleted from the SD card, but it still remains in the storage device.

When you encounter an issue where you find that your SD card is not showing the that it should, stop using the device at once and look into the Photos to confirm whether the lost photos are there or not. Sometimes you get lost or deleted photos in the recently deleted album.

3. Recovering Photos Using Data Recovery Software

Sometimes, neither of the above methods will have a data recovery solution. In that case, the only possible method to get back your photos from the SD card is by using third-party data recovery software. Using the right data recovery software gives you the flexibility to recover any data you like from the SD card.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are always a few questions that go unanswered on the data recovery. So, we thought, why not take this opportunity to answer a few.

How to Recover Data from an SD Card for Free?

The market is filled with free software. You can use just any one to assist you with your data recovery process.

Can I Recover Data from an SD Card without Software?

Unfortunately, there are no ways to recover lost data from an SD card without third-party software. However, if you have backups, you can use those backups to recover your lost data. There are devices that automatically create backups for every data stored in the device. You can locate your lost data in those backups.

Take Away

Recovering data becomes easy when your back up. However, if you don’t have any backups, you can use data recovery software to recover any type of lost data.

It helps you recover from any data loss scenarios and types of data. The key highlight of this software is that it has software for both Mac operating and Windows operating systems. That means, one way or another, you can use this software to recover your lost photos from your damaged SD card.

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