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The joy of winning the lottery comes with great jubilation, regardless of how small the jackpot is. Many people are out in the attempt to be the luckiest winners of the lotto using various methods. You don’t have to go far to come across an individual who claims to have predicted the lottery number for a win.

You would want to start imagining when to hand over your resignation letter to your boss, knowing you have landed a jackpot. Probably, without any sweat, just out of a mere prediction, effortlessly. Well below are of the prediction methods you can use to get the winning lottery number.

The Possibilities of Lottery Prediction

Well, statistics from Renato Gianella a Brazillian mathematician supports it. He conducted research revealing it is entirely possible to make the prediction. The study was after an extensive trial on 20 lotteries, with a range of mathematical equations and statistics per draw. Among other ways here is the list of how you can make a winning prediction.

1. The Geometry of Chance

The Geometry of Chance is the study conducted by Gianella Renato. Lotto numbers have a unique pattern where not all names have the same chance of occurring. Meaning, it is possible to predict with the higher luck of the draw.

The basics of Geometry prediction

  • You can’t go wrong with mathematics, because numbers don’t lie. You predict the final result of random events and later on prove it right. According to the computation, each lottery combination stands a high chance of standing out in the draw.
  • If you would place a wager of $200 with numbers 1, 2,3,4,5, or 40, 42,42,43,44, you stand a high chance of getting a white marble when you blindly pick any of the above names.
  • The two mathematical methods used to measure the probability are independent and dependent events. Each event is separate each time a marble is replaced, and the possibility doesn’t change. So you stand a chance to get the white ball on the second pick. Using the same method, you still stand a chance to pick a white marble ball for the third time.
  • This method needs you to have a deep understanding of how the probability method works. Math is a complex task, so before you embark on it, take full advantage of the theories first.

2. The Best Numbers

In the UK, numbers 03, 06, 13, 23, 27, and 49 came out as lucky when predicting the lottery winning numbers in 1994. If you got the chance to use the above numbers during the time, you would go back home with a jackpot.

Reading from the records, your prediction using the above numbers would land you a win. However, it doesn’t mean you will win anytime you make a prediction using the numbers, even though they have on appeared severally in six popular lotteries.

3. The Magic Numbers

During a live show in the UK in 2009, Derren Brown announced during the lottery draw that he would predict the outcome of the night’s events. Derren predicted six winning numbers and cited how he had done been hardworking towards the discovery of the numbers over a year.

According to Brown, what led him to predict the lottery was when he asked 24 people to make a prediction of 6 numbers which he added the total together, divided by 24, and got the winning number.

4. Go for Overdue Numbers

Its flip side is to select overdue numbers that are likely to be drawn compared to others. In normal circumstances, every number in the lottery appears only once in seven draws, meaning the very previous number in the draw makes no impact. So there would be a higher chance with any overdue number.

5. Avoid Low Figures

Accord to Dr. John Haigh from the University of Sussex, if you choose a combination number totaling to 200, you increase your chances of winning. He advises that you need to figure out what numbers other players would prefer, then choose an entirely different set. He believes every combination number is likely to win because most people don’t pick a high number, increasing your chances.

So according to him, choosing numbers between 1-6 would not help in the prediction, neither does he agree with choosing birthday numbers which are low figure numbers.

6. Using Lottery Prediction Software

Lottery prediction software has advanced logarithms which will help you to predict a winning number. The algorithms intelligently reduce the pool of numbers and the winning formulas used by repeat numbers. The soft wares are however not free, although they are fairly cheap, about $3 per month.

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