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Do you know what VoIP telephony is? This service is offered to customers anywhere in the world by the HotTelecom service. It includes two main features:

  1. Temporary mobile numbers for registration on various resources;
  2. Permanent corporate or personal numbers. This is the most popular service of HotTelecom, which provides customers with a huge number of benefits without even requiring a physical SIM card inside the phone. In fact, you don’t even need a phone — any gadget connected to the Internet is suitable for high-quality communication.

Both services are aimed at providing a smooth and profitable connection between subscribers while completely erasing boundaries in virtual communication.

What Is VoIP?

Virtual telephony allows you to send and receive digital information through an Internet connection. Since the maintenance of a virtual PBX or individual numbers does not require a complex system of telephone towers, this service is much cheaper than traditional mobile communications.

Advantages of IP Telephony from HotTelecom

Each HotTelecom subscriber is inspired by their own list of expectations that IP telephony can meet. The main reasons to become a HotTelecom subscriber are:

  • Multichannel numbers. This means that you can simultaneously process several incoming lines, and your clients will never stumble upon the message “Subscriber is busy”.
  • You can use the service regardless of geolocation. But at the same time, when buying a number, you have the opportunity to choose a region to which your virtual number will be nominally linked.
  • Comfortable billing. You can select the number and type of service you are going to use. The amount to be paid is determined based on this information and the period of using the number (the period of validity can be extended).
  • There are no additional commissions, hidden fees, or other unexpected costs.

The subscriber has access to a wide range of useful options: call forwarding and recording, voice mail, and statistics. The number of lines connected can always be increased to expand a corporate telephone network.

Don’t forget that the virtual phone number is seamlessly integrated into any existing CRM system, which provides even more advantages and opportunities for doing business online. Considering this, we wonder why your company hasn’t been using HotTelecom yet because it is really convenient and profitable.

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