Latest Drone from DJI – Your’s Third Eye

We love extra, extra food, extra cash back or discount. But what if you have extra eye available for you anytime and anywhere?

DJI Sparks Fly More Combo is an innovative product to give you this extra. It provides additional surveillance, security and images with a crisp clarity. Let’s see what it has to offer you.

Full HD Recording

With HD videos and photo recording, you can now have up to 5 times clear videos and images. Built with a Mechanically Stabilized Gimbal, it offers super smooth videos. To capture moments perfectly it has a huge package of modes. Shallow focus gives you that perfect portrait image. It has single shot, Multiple shot mode and panorama views. It offers everything that you can ask.

Mesmerizing Looks

It is small and compact so it is user-friendly. Made of durable plastic, it steals your heart with the appealing colors like red, green, teal, orange and the classic white.

Solid Construction

It is small but well built. It comes with a good battery backup with 1480 mAh battery. It can have up to 16 minutes of flight time. Its motor can spur up to 31 miles per hour, thus it is appropriate for use at sports events and in windy weather.

Smart Features

It has a gesture control system so you do not need any other device to operate it. Two Sonar Sensors and vision positioning camera get amazing pictures even at low GPS signals.

It has a DJI application to monitor battery charging. It has an intelligent start; by just a tap you can start the flight.

The facial recognition system is the one thing you want in your drone, and it has it too. It’s smart, exactly what you need. You can research, read online reviews and talk to tech experts to learn more about pros and cons of the DJI Spark drone.

Brilliance at Flight

Anti-collision sensors on the drone are a great feature which enables you to use it without any hassle. It is intelligent at flight and works efficiently in any conditions.

It has a variety of flight mode, so you can customize it to get a perfect shot. To get top quality shots while in motion, it provides circle and helical movements. It works perfectly for surveillances works, you just have to use it and relax.

Ease of Usage

Any user of all ages can use it easily because of its lightweight and struggle free utility. You can charge it wirelessly and it allows you to share an uploaded data easily. It brings your world near to you. It has an active track mode which detects your location and gets the shot perfect. There is a lot waiting for you.

Look at the Package

To ensure you do not miss anything, the drone comes in a functional package. It has the drone, remote control, extra battery, propeller guards, charger, power cable, battery charging hub and a stylish shoulder carrying bag.

Some Setbacks

It has a short list of cons too. It comes with 1480 mAh battery, and it’s not sufficient. Obstacle avoidance is a smart feature but it has low range. Also it is unable to shoot 4K videos.

For a price of 500 bucks, the features it offers are undoubtedly more than the price.

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