Making Relationships Survive the Pandemic Lockdown Using Technology

The novel Coronavirus spread has unleashed a pandemic of unprecedented proportions, and countries across the world are taking unprecedented measures to save lives and contain the human toll. As lockdown and social distancing become the new world order, many couples – those weren’t cohabitating yet as well as those living in different cities for work – have been forced to stay apart. Coping with isolation and distance in these trying times can put a strain on even the strongest bonds.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, now is the time to leverage online dating and virtual tools to make a long-distance relationship survive the lockdown and emerge from it stronger than before.

Stay Connected

Humans yearn for strong emotional connections, even more so now that routine social interactions with friends, co-workers and extended family have become virtually non-existent. So, make good use of all the online dating tools at your disposal to stay connected and keep the communication strong.

Make video calls, exchange text messages, become a part of each other’s routine virtually, feel connected with your significant other despite the physical distance.

Take them by Surprise

Think back to the days when you were looking for tips for online dating profile, the charm of enigma and surprises must have been a recurrent theme in all the suggestions you came across. That holds good even now that you’re dating.

You may not be able to meet your partner or make grand gestures through gifts and flowers, small gestures such as having their favourite meal delivered to them can go a long way in keeping the spirits soaring. Your partner is surely going to appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Stay Entertained

Even with work-from-home schedules and assignments, everyone has a lot of time at their hand and the need to look for fun ways to unwind and relax is being felt now more than ever. You can plan a movie date night using a screen sharing app for streaming platforms like Netflix.

Online multiplayer games are another great way to stay engaged and entertained together. Look for mobile games for couples that you’d both be interested in, and set up a gaming marathon with your gamer partner. What better way to spend a fun weekend together, albeit virtually.

Make Plans for the Future

There will be a post-Coronavirus world when the lockdown will be a thing of the past and life will return to normal. If your partner stays in a different town because you found them on the dating site that had been soaring in popularity, make plans to visit them once the lockdown is over, explore their part of the country and get to know their roots – it will bring you closer together as a couple and shed some light on the future of your relationship as well.

Being alone during these extraordinary circumstances can be hard, just hang in there. This too shall pass. Meanwhile, channelize your naughty streak to keep things fun and exciting with your partner.

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