5 Tips to Manage Your E-commerce Business with Smartphone Apps

Owning a business is generally a tiresome job. It will help if you make some difficult decisions along with managing all activities day-in-and-day-out. But when it comes to operating an e-commerce business, it is a whole separate challenge.

To start with, let’s look at what an e-commerce business is. In layman terms, an e-commerce business allows buyers and sellers to interact on an online platform to buy and sell products or services. Since the internet became a massive part of our lives, the potential for successful e-commerce businesses grew.

Now we see several brands solely working over the internet marketplace and generating some good profits. However, unlike other companies where you may get the opportunity to close down your shop for the day, an e-commerce business is commonly active round-the-clock.

With this in mind, e-commerce business owners must utilize every facility to make their business management more effortless. And one such way is to use an eCommerce management software or apps. Today, our smartphones are the hub of information, accessibility, and some mind-blowing technology. Combining your business with technology can provide you with some fantastic benefits. Let us look at how:

1. Manage Your Finances

It is fair to have a professional deal with your financing matters. They can deal with all the money issues professionally and in detail. But when your business is online, why not have access to your money matters online too? The world today is all about instant gratification.

You want something, and you get it within minutes, if not seconds. And that is what mobile financing apps such as Mint do. You may want to make some instant payments, check whether an amount got posted, or skim through your monthly cash inflow. You can do it all through your smartphone.

2. Manage Your Inventory Function

If your business is product-based, then having a top-notch inventory control management system is essential. An inventory management software helps you in keeping a tab on your incoming and outgoing inventory. It gives you a summary of all the purchases and sales and the stock’s current status in your warehouse.

Often, an inventory management software may come with a synced mobile application that you can use to keep an instant check on your stock levels. With the help of a mobile application, you can easily track any stock item or manage your orders wherever you may.

Fast-moving objects may need immediate order placement and fulfillment to avoid unnecessary delays. And with a mobile application always on you, this is easily doable.

3. Communicate with Your Team

We live in an era of globalization where borders rarely matter. Businesses may employ human resources from different countries and work together as a team. However, at times it can be a little overwhelming to manage a scattered group of people.

Also, we live in times where being on-the-go is a common trend. We need to be multitasking to get everything done, which involves handling several matters at once.

For instance, it may be that you are on a flight to someplace else and want to instantly conduct a short online team meet-up to enquire about an urgent task at hand. Would you rather pull-out your laptop and frantically search for your headphones in your hand carry? Or click through an app on your smartphone and immediately connect with your team? We are pretty sure you would choose the latter. And this is why quick team communication is one solid motivation behind managing your e-commerce business through your phone!

4. Oversee Your Social Media Analytics

E-commerce businesses rely heavily on the use of online media to interact with their customers. Since their presence is solely on the internet, they must make the best use out of it. Social media is the most effective and widely used marketing tactic these days when it comes to marketing. And why not?

The majority of consumers today can easily be reached and targeted over the internet through well-defined social media marketing campaigns.

However, what is most important is to analyze how these campaigns are doing. Social media analytics provide the business owners with these rare insights about how well their business is functioning. These tell the owners how the consumers react to their content, the most liked the stuff, and consumer perceptions.

Smartphone apps can help you stay connected with such details on-the-go. Certain apps, such as Buffer, allow you to manage your content and upload it to several social media platforms from one place. Such apps also allow you to view how your marketing campaigns are functioning and whether they have been achieving the desired goals or not.

5. Supervise all Business Functions

When you run an online business, it is often challenging to manage all your organizational functions and activities. Business management is a lengthy operation. If you do not have an entire project management team, it may prove a tad bit complicated.

In such a scenario, it is best to utilize a business management software that aids with timeline supervision, administrating tasks, defining roles, etc. Such project management apps help bring all the business activities in one place to manage and supervise effectively.

A simple software would include Evernote, which helps organize your tasks, assign work, and manage files and documents. A more extensive software example would be PocketSuite, which helps set appointments with clients, processing payments, defining deadlines, etc., right from the convenience of your smartphone!


With the rapid technological advancements happening each day, operating and managing a business has become effortless. However, things’ fast-paced nature has also made it essential to keep up with the changing dynamics. Business owners must utilize all features available to make business management trouble-free and effortless. It also gives the owners time to focus on more critical, beneficial matters such as innovation and ideas creation.

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