What Necessary Skills does a Software Developer Need in 2020?

Are you a software developer? Do you have what it takes to master any technical skill regarding this job? Being a software developer of the year 2020, you have most certainly come across particular job descriptions with copious technical skills required.

Here are a few skills you may have come across:

  • Having experience with Terraform and Jenkins controlled AWS infrastructure
  • Having experience with AWS services (Lambda, CloudWatch, ECR, Route53, SQS)
  • Knows how to program with Elixir, Java, and Python
  • Can work with support tools (Docker, Bash, Git, AWS CLI)
  • Requires production experience with asynchronous pipelines and ETL
  • Having experience with relational NoSQL (DynamoDB) and (Postgres/RDS) databases
  • Having a great ability to participate in the design of complex systems actively
  • Familiarity with production network operations would be a bonus
  • Having NLP experience and understanding of ML principles, in addition to Kaggle competitions
  • Having experience with data science libraries (NLTK, Scikit, Gensim, Keras, TensorFlow)

Does anything mentioned above in a sample job description sound familiar? Do you possess any or all these skills? The job description is looking to hire a software engineer, machine learning engineer, data engineer, and DevOps engineer, yes all this in one person.

If you think it sounds bizarre, is it worth it to own all these skills and more? The answer to this would be ‘yes’ but to a certain extent, probably.

Being a software engineer, you should know that a lot of these technologies are third-part tools. At one point, you may have come in contact with either these or their counterparts in many situations.

However, there is no need to panic. Technologies, like AWS, Nagios, or Docker, monitoring, designing, deploying, and developing software, has become a lot easier than it used to be.

In a nutshell, being a software developer in the world of today, it is quite necessary to master or at least have experience with all of these skills. It is essential to stay updated. If you are a student and you ask yourself how to become an application developer? We reckon that you begin your bachelor’s in computer sciences and then explore the world of programming.

Below we have mentioned a few necessary skills that every software developer must possess to nail the job interview.

Cloud Services

Used by billion-dollar corporations, Cloud services help and support small businesses. By using Cloud Services, you would be able to reduce the operating cost overall. You can help you run your business more efficiently and effectively.

Since this technology is new in the market, there are some new skills required for it as well. So what are those skill sets needed?

  • AWS: Amazon Web Services has the largest Cloud Service market in the world. It also offers various other services like S3, DynamoDB for data storage, RDS, Redshift, Lambda for computing, and EC2.
  • GCP and Azure: these two may be growing abruptly, but is still far behind AWS, giving another reason to develop more skills.


As a software developer, knowing containers is vital for you. What is a container? A quick short description, a container packs up the code as well as the dependencies to run efficiently and reliably in different environments.

Whether the environment is on the cloud or is local, it is a piece of cake to deploy container-based applications. There are various examples of container technology; however, there is one that stands out, and that is Docker. Docker has many layers of technology that sits over it, for example, Kubernetes.

Server Monitoring and Application (Nagios)

You will find it impossible to invigilate every piece of infrastructure, network, and system, especially in times like now, where applications get used on various types of hardware.

That’s where Nagios comes in; it is an open-source technology that can help look over business processes and applications in DevOps culture. You don’t have to worry about anything, and it does the job for you. It can monitor everything like HTTP, SMTP, SSH, memory usage, servers, or microprocessor load.

So being a developer of 2020, you need to be able to work on Nagios that can monitor all this 24/7.

Jenkins, Bamboo CI/CD

An engineer in recent times cannot experience the world without CI/CD and is encouraged to use it even more.

There are two primary examples of third-party tools that many companies are looking into or making use of the CI portion of the work, and those are Bamboo and Jenkins. Bamboo is a commercial tool, whereas Jenkins is an open-source tool.

  • Bamboo hosts many features, and many of them are limited to your budget. The features amalgamate effortlessly with Bitbucket and Jira; say hello to more technologies. Combining all three of these will generate a CI/CD system, making it simpler for you to deploy the codes, detect errors in those codes, and more.
  • Jenkins, on the other hand, is a CI, which is an open-source server. It possesses the ability to orchestrate and perform several actions. It gets done on JAVA, along with monitoring the project as well as perceiving believable errors. In ratings, Jenkins takes the lead, which is why it is more popular than Bamboo.


It is a lot to take in, being a software developer you have to master many skillsets, but worry not; it will all be worth it in the end.

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