Prepare Your Business for GDPR with Cyber Essentials

General data protection regulation (GDPR), first implemented on May 25, 2018, is a set of rules and regulations that are striving for the data protection purposes for all the individuals and firms in European Union (EU) and these regulations work by Cyber Essentials. It also deals with foreign individuals and corporations that come in direct contact with the European Union and its people.

What is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

Simply put, GDPR is a statutory body that specifies how the collection, provision, and processing of the data of individuals and other enterprises in the European Union is to be done. It ensures the safety of the privacy of the general public and that there is no threat to the personal information that an individual provides to any institution, establishment, and federation.

Who does GDPR Apply to?

Following its approval in April 2016, by the European Parliament, GDPR applies to all the firms, agencies, corporations and individuals in the European Union and all the foreign delegates that do business with these national companies.

It also applies to the firms and organizations that intend to get certified by the Cyber essentials scheme because GDPR has now become an important part of it and for a person to get certified by this scheme they first have to meet all the requirements of GDPR.

What is Cyber Essentials?

Launched in 2014, this scheme is an information assurance measure that ensures the safety, security, and privacy of the personal information of the customers of any enterprise.

Online-attacks are increasing by the day and the losses that they cause cost in billions to these companies. That is the reason why this scheme is of supreme importance.

To avoid these online attacks, this scheme provides a framework such as setting up a firewall, malware protection, secure internet configuration, and others.

Does Your Business Need Cybersecurity?

In this day and age where there is data flowing all over, and if left unsecured may prove to be vulnerable to different kind of security threats. If you are a firm, whether small or large, and you deal with individuals daily that means that you are also storing their information to your system, then your business is in dire need of cyber security. It can help you make the storage and processing of the personal data of your customers safe and secure and enables you to avoid any threats that come your way.

How to Prepare Your Business for GDPR with Cyber Essentials?

As we have seen above that cyber essentials is dependent on GDPR. To comply with the requirements of GDPR, you first have to fulfil all the requirements that are specified by the cyber essentials scheme.

If you are a businessman and you want to prepare your business for GDPR, this scheme provides you with some controls that if you follow, then you will be able to fulfil their requirements.

These controls are as follows:

  • Set up a reliable firewall system
  • Secure all of your devices and software
  • Configure user access to your needs
  • Keep your devices protected from malware
  • Keep your devices and software up to date

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) helps you grow your business, whether you are a small organization or a large one. Small enterprises are more vulnerable to online attacks because they think that cyber-criminals will not focus on them and for that reason, they don’t take many precautions.

This is the reason why GDPR came into being in the first place. Once you have met all the controls given above, that are specified by cyber essentials scheme then you will be qualified for GDPR, and you will get certified, and then you will be able to gain maximum customer trust.

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