How to Protect Your Business from Unwelcome Attention

It is a shame that there are plenty of businesses that regularly suffer unwanted attention from those that take true advantage of any situation for their own gain or their own selfishness. It is not a point of bad or damaging publicity, which may or may not have been avoidable, but the fact that there are people that will intentionally park on business premises just to save a few dimes, be light-handed within their place of work or cause damage if they do not get their own way.

Restricted Entry to Your Parking Lot

There are many businesses that suffer from unauthorized people using their parking lots, especially if they happen to be close to amenities or facilities that members of the public want to go to but do not wish to pay parking charges. Or neighboring businesses that do not have enough parking of their own to house all of their own employees.

This can cause no end of frustration and not only to the business that owns the parking lot but to the workers and any visitors in the fact that they cannot find a parking space due to a member of the public or a worker from a neighboring business taking it for their own intentions.

By providing gated entry into your parking lot, whether it is entry via key code, swipe card, or security guard, you will rid yourself and your workers of this frustration and ensure that everyone, workers and visitors alike, can find themselves a parking place in your designated parking lot.

Deter Groups Congregating Outside

It is a sign of the times. There is so little for teenagers to do in their spare time when it comes to clubs and places to hang out with their mates that they have taken it upon themselves to find areas where there is space, and it is highly convenient for them to meet up with their buddies and enjoy their time together.

However, this enjoyment is rarely welcomed by those who either live nearby or own properties within the vicinity, regardless of whether they are business properties or residential.

Large groups of teens can be seen as intimidating, they are often noisy, can be disruptive, and in their excitement, many even cause damage. Confronting large groups can incite bad behavior, so the best option is to be anonymous and yet successful in your attempt to move these youths on to other meeting places and away from your property.

One of the most effective ways of doing all this is to install a mosquito speaker, which lets out a high-pitched frequency that youths will hear but will not bother other people or, for that matter, animals.

Install CCTV

However, regardless of what type of pests you have loitering outside your premises, you will want to keep an eye on them and watch what they are doing. By installing CCTV, you can do just this, though it is prudent to get a fully experienced business to carry out the installation for you. It is important that you install plenty of cameras so that every area is well and truly covered.

Remember that CCTV is not just for the outside of your property. Having cameras up around doorways, in canteens, and in other communal areas can be beneficial as well and may prove an asset when it comes to keeping your employees and their possessions safe.

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