Protect the Latest in Smartphone Tech with a Skin

Let’s face it. As much as a smartphone is a way of taking calls and sending emails, it’s much more than that. It’s a status symbol. The look of our phone says as much about whom you are as what you wear. To make your LG G4 stand-out, a skin will add another level of personality to your phone and make sure it’s a symbol appropriate for your status.

The added benefit to a LG G4 skin is how it will provide protection against scratches, scuffs, and other damage that comes naturally from using your phone constantly throughout the day. According to a survey recently completed by T-Mobile, this daily wear and tear can come at a huge price to your G4. The results of the survey showed that almost half of all smartphone owners have had their phone stolen, lost, or damaged. Of the percentage that damaged their phones, 37% scratched their phone, 29% spilled drink on it, 29% dropped it down a flight of stairs, and (believe it or not) 20% dropped it in the toilet.

Adding a skin to your G4 can prevent you from becoming a statistic. Its vinyl material will provide a barrier between your phone and the outside world, stopping sharp objects (like keys) from scratching up the surface of your phone. Since vinyl is impervious to liquid, any spilled drink will bead and be a cinch to wipe away. It will also provide a better grip so that you’re less likely to let it drop into the toilet and more likely to keep it in your hands.

Given the cost of the new G4, slipping on a vinyl skin is a smart move. For as little as $20, you can outfit your smartphone with the protection it needs. Just check out the shop at, and you’ll see how affordable protection can be; and with the variety of colors and textures they offer, protection comes in a pretty package that’s up to your standards. Play around with their build-a-skin feature to see which combination will make your G4 truly shine.

A phone can’t be a status symbol if it’s taken a beating. Scratches, nicks, and even grime can take what should be your favorite possession you parade around and turn into something that you try to hide from the prying eyes of others. To make sure your G4 looks as good as it did straight out of the box, apply a skin and let it shine.

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