Protect against Virus and Malware using Movavi Mac Cleaner

If you think that your Mac has slowed down dramatically and is not functioning properly, it is time have checkup done against the virus infection and other security threats. You won’t find any better software other than the Movavi Mac Cleaner to check up your Mac against the virus and other security threats.

In this article you can learn about how to check Mac for viruses using Movavi Mac cleaner. It is off dual purpose, it helps you to protect your system from virus and make the system run faster by deleting the unwanted junk files stored in memory and in Hard Disk. You just need to download DMG file from their website and follow the instructions on the screen to install it.

Cleaning up the Virus

When you run the program for the first time you need to install the Virus checker engine and virus definition database to have the updated version. You can do this by selecting the Anti-virus option in left and clicking on the license agreement.

Once the Virus engine and database is updated, you can start the scanning by selecting either individual file which you suspect to be infected by virus or the particular folder or the whole directory. You can use traditional browse method or use the drag and drop option to add files / folders for scanning.

Once you selected the scanning list, you can start the scanning by clicking on the start scan button. Software will do the scan and list out the infected files which you can remove. It will update its virus definition database every time you run the scan to have the latest updates.

Removing the Infected Files

Once the scan is complete, software will list out all the infected files on right side window of the software. These are all the files that are found to be harmful by the Movavi Mac Cleaner.

You can select the files individually or you can select all the files in a go by clicking on the tick box on the top of the list and click on remove. All these files will be removed from your Mac immediately.

It is necessary to run the virus scan periodically to check against any potential security threats which has become increasingly more as the usage of computer has increased.

Also it is good practice not to click or download any suspicious programs while doing browsing. Also it is important to update the virus database engine every time before running the scan as there will be periodical update from the Movavi which will protect the computer against any latest virus attacks.

Just download Movavi Mac Cleaner and be safe against virus.

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