5 Reasons to Rent a Server Instead of Buying a New One

Maintaining a smooth-running server can be challenging for those who aren’t comfortable working with technology. Whether at home or in the office, servers should optimize rather than hamper your ability to use technology efficiently.

The next time you are looking to install or upgrade your server, consider renting one instead of buying one of your own. There are a number of reasons to choose this route, ranging from convenience to cost, all of which reflect the flexibility that makes renting servers such an appealing option.

1. Additional Security

If security is your primary concern, renting a server is almost always safer than purchasing a new one. Rented servers are stored in data centers, which are monitored all day, every day. This ensures that you have the maximum level of security and can place your server out of mind, leaving you to focus on the things that really matter.

2. Lower Prices

One of the first things to consider when either shopping for a new server or upgrading your current one is the cost. There are many factors that influence the cost of a server: the type of server, the amount of available storage, and the size of the CPU, just to name a few. Nevertheless, renting is often the less expensive route because you can pay monthly rather than all at once.

Maintenance costs are also mitigated by renting rather than owning your server. Short-term server rentals, for example, are not only inexpensive but also take care of all monitoring so that you don’t have to waste valuable time and money maintaining your server. This is also true for backing up your data. Though not offered with all server packages, many have off-site backup to ensure that your data is accessible no matter what.

3. Better Customer Service

Unless you work with servers on a professional level, chances are you will eventually run into questions or problems with your server. If you fear that managing your own server is too much to take on, consider renting one so that a professional can handle these issues instead. Most data centers have customer service available at all times so your business experiences no unnecessary interruptions.

The value of strong customer service shows before you even kickstart your server. Whereas a purchased server requires you to set up the server yourself, renting a server means someone else will do that tricky job for you. A representative will not only choose the best server for your needs but will also manage all of the setup required for you to have the optimal environment for your project or business.

4. Higher Quality Products

Even if you are aiming to cut costs and save money, you can still receive a high-end product if you opt to rent rather than own a server. The hardware you have access to will be sturdier and capable of greater functionality than the average server for roughly the same price.

Quality may not be the only thing affected by your choice to rent rather than buy. Servers come in all shapes and sizes, and it isn’t always clear which one will best suit your needs. If you don’t feel comfortable assessing the different types of servers, renting one can ease some of your stress as it allows a professional to make that decision for you.

5. Easier Data Migration

Data migration, or the process of transporting all of your old data over to a new system, is challenging even under the best of circumstances. Migration requires that the server go down momentarily, which is not something all businesses can afford. For many, the solution is renting a server. This ensures that there is no downtime so that your business can continue running smoothly and efficiently, with non-interrupted access to all data.

If done incorrectly, data migration can expose your data and open up your business to a cyberattack. In order to maximize the security measures surrounding a migration, consider renting a server from a company that will migrate your data for you in a safe and secure manner.

Whether for temporary reasons, such as data migration, or permanent ones, such as starting your own business, setting up a new server can be an intimidating process. For more peace of mind, consider turning to server rentals as a means of reducing stress and allowing you to focus on the aspects of your project or business that matter most.

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