SeekaHost Blog Hosting: Is It the Right Choice for Bloggers?

There are many WordPress hosting platforms with web-based control panels by various hosts and choosing the best could be confusing.

We have analyzed many WordPress hosting control panels and found that SeekaHost WordPress hosting platform is easiest and most secured solution for bloggers. Creating a blog with SeekaPanel is so easy that it only takes minutes to register a domain name and get a WordPress hosting plan with 1-Click installation and free SSL certificates.
Now let’s looks at the blogging and go into full reviewing the SeekaPanel.

Starting your blog not only allows you to broadcast your thoughts across the globe but also plays an important role in increasing your income potential. However, the main concern of every beginner is how to start your blog? What is the best blogging platform? Should you buy WordPress hosting plans or is it fine to go for general hosting packages?

In this blog post, we are going to answer all such queries so that you can start your blogging journey with more confidence. At the same time, we will also review how SeekaHost, a leading WordPress hosting provider, fares against all these metrics.

SeekaHost: A Brief Introduction

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The SeekaHost was formed to provide everything an ideal hosting experience at a single place- affordability, efficiency, quick support, right resources, and quick onboarding. Its objective is to help the digital entrepreneurs and blogging community by packing all the ideal features into a single hosting plan.

With humble beginnings and a few team members, the SeekaHost constantly upgraded itself by adopting new technologies, increasing bandwidth, and ensuring quick and high-quality support. The progressive outlook has helped the company to constantly utilize the latest technologies for keeping the prices down while improving the overall performance. Maintained by the team of active bloggers, the SeekaHost hosting plans are perfectly tailored to meet the specific demands of bloggers.

How to Find the Best WordPress Hosting Provider?

Choosing the best WordPress hosting services for your WP blog is often an uphill task especially if you are a beginner. It shouldn’t be so and actually; it isn’t if you adequately educate yourself before buying hosting services. It is so simple- you want reliable hosting services and for that, you must prepare the checklist of key points that you are most concerned about.

Before buying any hosting plan, check where your selected hosting company stands when compared against different metrics.

In this blog, we will mention the different factors to assess the overall performance of your hosting provider, trusted measurement tools to check their aspect-based performance (speed, uptime, etc.), and other useful hosting tips to consider for giving your blog an edge over your competitors.

Important Things to Consider before Choosing Your Provider

SeekaHost's screenshot showing WordPress Hosting Control Panel

1. Blog Hosting Control Panel

Some of the major hosting companies offer a proprietary blogging control panel to satisfy the specific needs of bloggers within a single interface.

The proprietary blog hosting control panel of SeekaHost, for instance, come equipped with all the below-mentioned features (and more) to help you control your blog efficiently:

  • Instant single-click access to all of your hosted domains right into your dashboard.
  • All domains linked with the analytics tools to check different site performance at a single glance.
  • Simple options to set up the new websites and single click features to change the hosting plans- all by yourself and with just a few clicks.
  • Unified control panel to manage all your websites within a single interface. It saves you from the stressful process of switching between multiple windows that consumes more time and effort while creating interruptions.
  • Independent subscription management features with a single click. For any confusion, you can still contact the support team directly right within the control panel.
  • Detailed FAQs inside the control panel
  • Well-researched tutorials with actionable insights baked right into the control panel. You can find tutorials on subjects like SEO, blogging, PBNs and more.

2. How Much does It Cost to Start Your Blog?

You aren’t going to earn any revenue in the beginning. So, start with a reasonably modest investment. Try trimming all the bells and whistles that many top blogs have.

Start small and you can always buy add-ons later when your blog sees some good revenue. As you go ahead in your blogging journey you would discover that new needs arise demanding additional resources. So, make sure that your hosting provider is capable of providing top-tier resources, plans, and add-ons whenever you need them in the future so that you don’t get stuck in the tight corner at the nth hour.

The SeekaHost WordPress hosting services start at $1.49 per month only but if you want to have an enterprise-grade, full-fledged WordPress experience then you can opt for their growth plan that starts at $8 per month only.

3. How to Ensure the Security of Your Blog?

Security generally gets overlooked when buying a WordPress hosting plan as people think that WordPress periodically releases security patches. Yes, it is right that the CMS does try its best to provide failsafe security against the latest threats.

However, your WP blog doesn’t use only WordPress CMS. It also uses other backend technologies like web hosting, control panels, mail platform, external files, and plugins. It opens multiple gateways for cyberattacks and that’s why security at the hosting level is very important.

Make sure that your hosting provider offers a powerful security ecosystem to fortify each of these gateways against the latest security threats.

Here are some major security features that your hosting provider should offer. SeekaHost WordPress hosting plan comes equipped with all these security features:

  • Using SSH (Secure Socket Shell) along with RSA keys for server logging provides additional security.
  • Reliable methodologies and detection technologies for regular network enterprise monitoring to identify unauthorized activities and intrusions.
  • SSL encryption for secured transfer of sensitive data and prevent the negative effects of data-in-transit attacks.
  • Use of strong tools and techniques to prevent/mitigate the DDoS attacks.
  • Regular file-scanning and malware-monitoring with comprehensible reports being sent to the clients.
  • Offsite automated backup with easy data recovery procedure as the last resort to help business continuity after an attack.
  • Regular maintenance of WordPress core software and applying the latest updates as they are made available.

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4. How Much Time does It Take to Get Your Blog Live?

Time to market plays a very important role while starting your blog. Delay in making your blog live not only saps your excitement but also affects the overall quality of your blog due to interruptions in the workflow.

Make sure that your hosting provider allows for a quick, smooth, and well-guided way to make your blog live without tedious installation processes, technical complications, or back-and-forth communication series. This is one thing acting as a major differentiator between run-of-the-mill hosting services and reputed web hosting providers.

5. Support Services

It is not uncommon for your blogging site to get interrupted by technical errors. It could be a momentary issue or massive ones like server failures. In such instances, response time and support quality play a vital role.

An ideal hosting provider offers 24X7 in-house support by seasoned executives to resolve such issues before they turn into a problem, annoy your audiences and affect your business.

Quality support minimizes the front-end impact of the backend technical issues and thus saves you from delivering a bad customer experience. SeekaHost offers quick and reliable support services. The support is delivered by the seasoned experts and more complex WordPress issues are directly channeled to the certified WordPress experts.

6. Bandwidth

Bandwidth can simply be understood as the resource that influences the data transferring speed of your website. Especially if your site is experiencing rapid traffic growth it is good to increase your bandwidth so that the traffic surge shouldn’t affect your site performance that annoys the users.

Generally, speaking most of the bloggers are comfortable with 10-15GB of monthly bandwidth but if your needs increase you can add more bandwidth. SeekaHost empowers you to adjust the resources like bandwidth to meet your changing needs.

7. Uptime

Uptime refers to the availability of your site. Many times you attempt to open a website and are greeted by a message that the site is temporarily unavailable.

This unavailability is known as downtime. Uptime is measured in percentage. It is not possible to get 100% uptime due to the periodical maintenance task which requires temporarily shutting down the sites- in which case your provider will give you prior information so that you can schedule the thing accordingly.

For the best experience, you should always aim for the providers offering an uptime of above 99.7% which ensures that your site will be available to the visitors almost every time they access it regardless of their location or time zone.

Going ahead of the industry standards SeekaHost offers 99.99% uptime thus allowing your blog to tap maximum opportunities.

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Browser address bar showing URL as https

8. SSL Certificates

SSL secures the personal data of your visitors by data encryption to stop hackers from misusing the data. Along with building trust with the visitors it also helps with your SEO efforts as search engines seriously considers and favors SSL certificates while the non-SSL, unsecured sites are at risk of losing SEO marks.

Moreover, the browsers have telltale signs like a green padlock icon in the address bar to indicate that your site is secured. Non-SSL sites, on the other hand, come with a red warning icon or even an explicit text that this site is not secure. Such greeting messages repel instead of welcoming your visitors. Blog web hosting providers like SeekaHost offer free SSL certificates to the clients.


For hosting your WordPress blog you need reliable hosting that assures the right amount of resources, a blogging-focused control panel, failsafe security, and excellent uptime and speed.

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