Types of SEO and How to Rank Your Website in the Search Engines

Search engine optimization is a process of increasing the visibility of your business site online. With SEO, you can increase the number of people seeing your website. You can also benefit from an earning per click, collaboration, and sponsorships.

SEO is a massive concept. You have to familiarize yourself with different terms to create a better strategy. A good SEO campaign can help your website top the search engine. Thus, if you need help, you can consult with an SEO company like Noah Kain Consulting.

Many SEO companies help website owners to rank their websites. An SEO company is a practical choice that can help your website rank in search engines. Though not abrupt, if you have the proper knowledge and understanding of SEO, your website can rank within the time frame you want.

Here are the different types of SEO that can help your website to rank in the search engine:

On-page SEO

On-page website optimization includes improving the on-site elements of your website. There are plenty of components on your site that increase your rank decently in search engines.

The on-page SEO practices include improving and making high-quality content on your site. High-quality content also includes targeting the right keywords that help you rank in search engines. It is necessary to note and fix keyword cannibalization when creating content. Search engines like Google do not like such keyword similarity and redundancy.

On-page SEO also includes utilizing meta tags, anchor texts, and links. Aside from those, you can clean your site’s code as part of the optimization. On-page SEO also includes improving your site’s speed, internal linking, and mobile responsiveness. These factors are necessary to allow readers and website visitors to engage in your website.

Utilizing on-page SEO requires you to monitor your website constantly. You have to check your website’s expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

Ultimately, on-page SEO is relevant when your goal is to rank in the search engines.

What are the benefits of on-page SEO?

There are many benefits of on-page SEO to your website, including:

  • On-page SEO helps search engine to analyze your content
  • It helps search engine to know the searcher’s intent
  • It helps to see the relevance of the content provided
  • It increases your site’s domain authority
  • It increases referral and social traffic

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is any strategy taken outside your site that can impact your website’s ranking. Optimizing your off-page SEO is like having another site to vouch for your site. The necessary metrics you need to know to include the relevance, trustworthiness, and authority of your website.

Off-page SEO is relevant if you want to reach the top of the search engines. The core of off-page SEO is link building.

A good number of high-quality backlinks indicates that your site is better than others. Consequently, a site that many other sites want to link is an authority site.

There are different types of activities you can do when optimizing off-page SEO, including:

  • Brand mentions
  • Forums
  • Commenting on other sites
  • Reaching out to influencers.
  • Guest posting
  • Link insertions
  • Broken link building

Optimizing off-page SEO needs your understanding of your website’s niche. You ought to be targeting the relevant sites to your website. This practice connects the content you will provide to other websites with the link to your website.

It is necessary to target organic search traffic through off-page SEO. This way, you can guarantee that your search engine ranking will increase.

What are the benefits of off-page SEO?

There are many benefits of off-page SEO to your website, including:

  • It helps increase SERP ranking
  • It helps your site to earn more organic traffic
  • It gives your site more exposure
  • It increases your page ranking

Technical SEO

According to Neil Patel, technical SEO is the practice of optimizing and improving your site. The process includes optimizing load time and checking the robots of your site. The .txt files and redirects are also necessary to check in technical SEO.

This type of SEO is also known as the “behind the scenes” of the website. Whereby it involves all the technicalities of your website that you can improve to rank in search engines.

Technical SEO ensures that your website is at par with the requirements of modern search engines. In technical SEO, you need to understand the following concepts:


Crawling is the process of discovering the crawlers or spiders within the search engine’s new and updated content on the web. Crawling is necessary as each crawl extracts data that transcribes as traffic for your website. You have to provide content that is crawlable and possible for technical bots to see.


Indexing is a process of informing search engines that your content is searchable online. It is physically impossible to search each page with keywords. Thus, search engines like Google use indexing to identify relevant information.


Rendering is an SEO concept wherein the Googlebot retrieves your page, and Google runs your code and assesses if your content has a structure and layout that is easy to understand.

Website Architecture

Your website structure is the foundation of your technical SEO optimization. With good website architecture, search engines like Google can immediately index your content.
The immediate indexing would result in organic traffic for your website.

What are the Benefits of Technical SEO?

Technical SEO can help your website through the following:

  • It helps in your search engine ranking
  • Improves your website’s interface and layouts
  • It increases your reach across different channels.
  • Gives a position-zero search results
  • Lower cost of search engine optimization


SEO is an essential concept in the world wide web. SEO is necessary to help your site to rank with the search engine. SEO can improve your local search and boost your site’s organic traffic. SEO helps increase your site’s conversion rate and earning potential.

On-page, off-page, and technical SEO are the common types of SEO that you need to know before building a website. This way, you can navigate the web and earn from your website.

Apart from these benefits, search engine optimization also deals with user experience. Your site’s credibility and trustworthiness rely on your SEO strategy. Thus, as a website owner, you need to optimize the right SEO type that can help your website rank.

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