Top 5 Cybersecurity Tips for Your Business

With constant phishing attacks, Denial of service attacks, Crypto attacks, etc., cyber security has become a matter of prime importance. Whether you use on-site expensive hardware or taking services from third party vendors, you can be a victim of cyberattack at any point in time.

From private to government sectors, people directly or indirectly related to cyber are taking steps to stay safe from online threats. A tons of examples are available of SMBs or MNCs which have been the worst sufferers of cyberattacks, losing a huge amount of money.

The attacks on PCs are not only for making money, but also for getting hands-on personal data of a competitor’s customers. Therefore, you cannot guarantee the retrieval of your data even after paying money. The current scenario of the cyber world is destructive as organizations are worried about data breaches while trying to follow the cyber standards and enroll cyber experts or take cyber security training to get control over malicious attacks.

Though a number of cyber security practices have been discussed by experts, you need to understand that every practice differs from organization to organization, depending on the field of you interest, database, customer retention rate, churn rate, etc. But there are certain practices which every organization can implement in their work culture freely. These practices have been discussed below:

1. Network Security

Your first priority should be securing your network. The implementation of firewalls and antiviruses is vital for securing your company equipment. The spying software like Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is built in the computer network for detecting anomalies in your premise.

During the security breaching situation, it will send acknowledgement flag to a host computer and shuts down all ongoing activity. There are so many commercial vendors available in the market with their spyware applications and services for vendors.

2. Regular Monitoring & Risk Assessment

To protect you from cyber criminals, enterprise monitoring helps check the company account details, customer data, financial data, and all other information regularly. An enterprise risk and cyber risk assessment report should be maintained on the regular basis.

All of the hardware and software resources must qualify the minimum criteria of security in order to measure vulnerabilities. Report is circulated between the team and management for figuring out critical points or risk associated with system. It will prepare organization to scrutinize the future cyber risks well while making an effective cyber plan to tackle cyber breaches.

3. Data Replication

Be careful with your data. Data is all what you need to run a company. A cyber breach aims at getting useful information like bank details, company deals, etc. So always keep backup of your data. It is advised to keep the replica of your data at three locations so that you don’t suffer any financial loss in case criminals attack you.

The data to be cloned and kept secure because they are also prone to accidental lose. Few malwares like ransomware straightly get into your system and damage your information at the core. So the best practice for data security is to clone your data instantly on a regular basis and avoid sharing critical information over the public network.

4. Employees Awareness

Most cyberattacks are prone to human mistakes. So make sure your every employee know their responsibility and role in cyber security. You can even take the help of professionals to make them understand how and when their information can be compromised on by hackers. Hackers can use phishing emails, spear phishing, websites, calls techniques to get into your system.

Sometimes, third parties are included for providing security sessions or webinars to employees. Employees are required to use strong passwords and must not share their credentials with others.

5. Go with Trend

The technology is changing every minute. For creating and maintaining a very secure environment, you have to run parallel with technology. To understand how you can survive against cyberattacks, you must assess recent attacks, their types and cybersecurity trends. You can get data and news from cybersecurity websites, social networking platforms or blogs, etc.

Some of the common attack methods followed by hackers are:

1. Denial of Service (DoS) Attack
2. Malware Attacks
3. SQL injection
4. Phishing from emails, scripts, phones
5. Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

Cyber security needs a broader approach to get results faster by using advanced tools and processes. Your organization need to follow, upgrade, and implement cyber security practices in regular operations to practically understand why cybersecurity matters. You can even conduct mock trials monthly to guide your employees how to respond to data breaches in real time. Not only mock trials aware of cybersecurity, but they also teach the potential causes responsible for the occurrence of cyberattacks.

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