Top Web Design Standards for 2022

Web designs and trends change at the same pace as technology. The web designs that were thought to be modern and innovative are today boring and too busy. As we are ready to step into a new year, there are a few design predictions as well as some web design standards that we will take forward.

This article will highlight some of the top design trends and standards to look out for in the year 2022.

1. Bold Colors

Color minimalism will always be true to web design, but bold colors will rule the website designs in 2022. Bold and bright colors make statements and are also attention-getter.

Any websites that had previously designed their websites with pastel and neutral colors will shift to bolder colors to make an entry.

2. Website Loading Time

Website loading time is critical. Visitors of today don’t have the time to wait around as the webpage loads. If the page takes more than a few seconds to load, they will head to another page.

Speed has been a defining factor for websites, and it will still be equally important in the years to come. Today we have access to 5G technology, and with that, there are no excuses for a compromised website speed.

3. Dynamic Content

A dynamic website adds updates as the user’s needs and preferences. The website displays different content based on browsing history and location.

When you visit a website for the first time, you see different content, but after a while, when you visit the website, the content will be personalized according to your usage.

It is important that the website modifies itself according to the user’s preference.

4. White Space

Too much information presented to the customer can leave a significantly negative impact on the buying decisions.

As we progress through the years, the need for minimal and clean designs has increased. The white helps you to emphasize the areas that need your customer’s attention.

5. Dark Mode

In 2021, we saw all major platforms introducing the dark mode, whether it was Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook. This gives the designers to work with non-conventional color palettes that usually do not work well with the lighter background. This also reduces eye strain and promotes a more comfortable browsing experience.

6. Human-like Chatbots

The AI chatbots have performance similar to that of a human. These chatbots can be trained to perform and answer in the most natural way possible.

Chatbots can be used for several notifications to the users. These can also bring the costs down for the company as they do not have to hire a specific resource for that purpose.

The basics of design will probably never change, including clean space and the F-shaped reading pattern on the internet, but these standards can help improve your website’s performance.

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