How to Use the Coronavirus Lockdown to Overhaul your Graphic Design Skills

The year 2020 has unleashed upon us a pandemic of unparalleled scale. As millions across the globe struggle with the novel Coronavirus and the ensuing lockdown to contain the outbreak, we’re as far removed from the normal way of life as can be.

Being a creative professional in these difficult times can be especially hard. The creative design projects that keep businesses ticking are one of the first to dry up when the going gets tough. In this situation, many of you may be struggling with a paucity of funds and outstanding invoices.

But once the tide of this pandemic abates, companies rebuilding themselves in a post COVID-19 world will need your services more than ever. So let the worries about what you cannot control take a backseat and focus on enhancing your skillset during this lockdown. Here are some effective tips to do so.

1. Revisit and Overhaul Old Designs

Now that you have all this free time at your hand, dig up the old designs that you worked on during your college days or when you had just started out, and try to re-work these using your present approach to design. You’ll be amazed to see how much you’ve evolved as a designer over time, and that’s great motivation to keep going. While you’re at it, try working with some new fonts and techniques to refine your skills more.

2. Look Up Sites for Graphic Design Inspiration

From colour theory to logo design techniques, there are a ton of graphic design websites for inspiration out there. If you feel procrastination getting the better of you, turn to these blogs and sites for graphic design inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

3. Work on Your Weaknesses

Even though you may have come a long way since your days as an amateur, there is always room for improvement. No time like the present to review your designs and spot the areas where you can improve. Probably, you could do better in diversifying your use of fonts or colour patterns or negative space.

Once you know what areas need work, turn to reputed graphic design websites for inspiration to improve your outcome. Online tutorials or YouTube videos can be a great asset in adding more finesse to your craft.

4. Enhance Your Skillset

The only way to grow as a creative professional is to mix things up and step away from your comfort zone. Treat this free time as an unusual boon rather than a bane and utilise it fully to improve on your skillset.

For instance, if so far you’ve primarily worked with illustrations, this is a great opportunity to learn logo design, site theme or invitation designing. This way, you’ll have more diverse services to offer to clients in the future, which will enhance your employability.

5. Work with Mockup Briefs

You may not have any assignments to work on right now but it is important to maintain the discipline of working with briefs, following guidelines and sticking to deadlines. Mockup briefs are a great way to stay in the practice of keeping those creative juices flowing even when working with constraints of scope and time.

You can also take part in online challenges that can be found on various graphic design platforms. These can be immensely valuable from the standpoint of maintaining and sticking to a routine.

Following these simple yet effective tips consistently will ensure that you don’t come out of this lockdown feel rusty and out of touch. In fact, it’ll help you strengthen your skill set and hone your abilities even more.

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