Reasons to Use Online Graphic Design Tools – With an Example

According to IBISWorld research report, the graphic designing industry is trending with a total revenue of $15 bn in the year 2019 in the US market. Every industry needs graphics design, be it fashion, e-commerce, IT, Finance, or other. In today’s article, we will discuss the use of an online graphic design tool that powers-up your design game with the set of right equipment or features.

But before discussing how and what, let’s find out the reasons for using a right one.

Top Reasons to Use an Online Graphic Tool

Here, are a couple of reasons that make your life simple:

  • It is a solid foundation to communicate design ideas and simplify the artwork in less time.
  • Using a graphic tool, you can easily undo the errors to design better.
  • Online graphic tools also offer ready-made templates. You can use them to create your graphics by making a few customizations to it and stand out.
  • It can produce more and more artworks with customized features, hence results in increased productivity.
  • You can make the use of a variety of features like brushes, fonts, emojis ?, stickers, icons, illustrations, etc. for intricate design or graphics.
  • One of the important reasons is you can save your work online and record the process of design.
  • A selection of industry-standard tools is available for free to anime or design, which is fantastic.
  • The default categories (e.g. Facebook ad images, Instagram stories, posters, blog banners, visiting cards, etc.) available in various tools make your job super interesting to design any template or graphics.
  • The graphic tools offer a ready-made environment to produce high-quality effects.
  • Compared to the manual effort of designing and printing, computers make a faster and incredible job for you.
    It offers an array of editing choices like letters, fonts, effects, and other personalized options.
  • Some online graphic tools also offer designing of animated videos, GIFs and modifications in a video like a video editor does.

How to Create a Valentine Card using a Monogram Maker?

'Be Mine Valentine' card created using an online Monogram Maker
Valentine card designed by InsideTechno using Monogram maker

Monogram Maker is an online graphic design tool to curate personalized Monogram for various products like t-shirts, cards, pamphlets and logo design. It comprises artistry of font bundles and design bundles of style, categories or occasions.

We will discuss the step by step procedure to use the Monogram design tool to create a Valentine’s Day card for your beloved.

Step 1: Choose Personalized Fonts

Go to Monogram Maker and you can see three options of Text, Frame, and Background on the home page. The Text option allows you to choose from 30 different font styles. Simply enter the font-initials you love in the space given and click on your favorite font style.

Step 2: Choose the Love Frame

The Frame option beside the Text allows you to decorate the fonts in a beautiful Frame. Again, you can pick your desired Frame available in different patterns, that symbolizes love, heart, and stuff, cause it’s Valentine’s Day Card!

Step 3: Adding Background Image

Using the Background option with online background remover, you can choose a couple-image to scheme-up a more personalized effect. If not, you can also add an abstract logo in the background (i.e., flowers, hearts, love-birds, or teddy).

Step 4: Save the File

Once you finish designing, click on the Save File button to input name and download in the format (i.e., PNG, SVG, EPS, DXF, or All) and resolution (i.e., small, medium, or large) as you want. You can further share the image to monogram maker free Gallery by signing up. Voila! Here you go.

Whenever you upload an external logo or picture, it enables you to scale small or big, rotate, and position it as per your choice. As the Frame, Text, and Background-image are always created in layers, you can center it or arrange it vertically and horizontally.

That’s it!

Monogram Maker enables you to design a Valentine’s Day card with so much ease that a naive person can create one in just a few minutes.

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