Top 5 VoIP Trends of 2022 to Know for a VoIP Reseller

In the past decade, we’ve seen how remarkably more popular VoIP has become for businesses of all sizes. It’s something that no one could’ve predicted because of the hurdles in ensuring quality communication using the internet!

But pioneers like Betacompany which has been around since 2004 have seen the potential in VoIP long before the rest of the world did. And looking at the vast and still growing popularity that VoIP enjoys today, it seems that they’re on the right side of business history.

How people communicate and the media they choose to do so will change all the time. From letters to telephones to VoIP, it will continue to evolve to adapt to the advancement of other related technologies.

The same goes for VoIP. A VoIP business will always find ways to improve itself and its offerings to reflect the current needs of the market and even to preemptively respond to future wants.

If you want to become VoIP dealer, you’ll have to keep up and take note of all the trends. Here are a few ones to take note of this year:

1. 5G will become more prevalent

Without going into the unnecessary technical details, all you’ll ever need to know about 5G is this: faster internet. And for everyone using VoIP, this means better call quality.

But this advancement is even more important for companies whose employees are always outside the office. For example, people in the real estate agents are going to benefit from the improved connection using their mobile data.

The same goes for delivery-based enterprises. Their delivery people would need up-to-date information all the time by being connected to the home office in case of issues. VoIP allows them to do that even if they’re operating in different countries.

2. Nearly $200 billion would be in the VoIP services by 2024

Because of the huge potential that’s still to be gained within the VoIP market, a lot of providers want to take their share of the cake.

So it’s not surprising if there would be a lot of new ones coming up. As with anything where there’s a huge opportunity to earn money, many are going to want to enter the market.

If you want to get VoIP for resellers, it’s smart to stick with proven and reliable providers that have consistently satisfied clients throughout the years.

One of such companies is Betacompany. With 17 years in the business and more than 100 thousand happy customers, you’re practically guaranteed that they won’t disappoint. You’ll be able to ensure that the leads you convert into sales would be happy with your service. That would allow you to keep them for longer!

3. AI would be used more in VoIP

So far, artificial intelligence has allowed VoIP to gain a lot of features that remove the necessity of human labor altogether. And in one way or another, it will continue to shape the VoIP experience.

There are many directions by which VoIP could go. Apart from those involving improving client interaction, there’s one surprise where AI could help: technical support. When there are VoIP issues, it may be possible for AI to fix them in real-time.

This development would be pretty exciting for startups. Their volatility means everything MUST go right. With this issue resolved, there’d be one less thing to worry about.

4. Rise of remote work popularity

Remote work has been around for a long time. But because of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, people realized just how valuable and convenient remote working could be.

The mobility restrictions that were put in place before forced people to stay at their homes and transfer their workplaces online overnight. But as convenient as that setup might be, it also gave rise to the necessity of a solid business communication system.

Nearly two years later, the restrictions aren’t nearly as bad anymore. But that doesn’t mean that everyone reverted to normal. Many companies now prefer to work from home instead.

This gives rise to an opportunity to market. As a VoIP reseller, you could guide a company’s transition from on-site to remote working.

5. VoIP will be a more attractive security target

No matter the motivations behind the cyberattack, security issues will definitely need to be taken seriously. And considering how popular mobile VoIP is getting, it makes sense for hackers to try to look into this as a rich and valuable source of personal information.

This makes it a good option to perhaps sell some sort of security system or consultancy on the side. Compatible products are always great in increasing revenues!

Advancing your way to becoming one of the most successful resellers entails continuous dedication to what’s happening in the field. Follow the trends for 2021 and beyond to garner the most financial benefits in this endeavor.

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