10 Ways to Build Brand Identity Through Email Marketing

Creating an effective email marketing strategy is an essential tool for increasing brand awareness. Although many companies tend to view sending emails to their customers solely from a sales perspective, developing relationships with your target audience has something to do with your brand recognition. A well-thought-out email strategy can strengthen the company’s position in the market and will lead to higher revenues in the future.

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The Power of Strategic Email Marketing

Email marketing plays a critical role in building brand awareness. This is the most cost-effective marketing space, where brands and companies have the opportunity to influence the perception of customers. If a customer subscribes to the newsletter, one shows interest in the brand. The next step is to turn a subscriber into an active customer who purchases from you. And this is where lead nurturing through email marketing comes in handy. According to the email marketing stats:

  • 66% of customers make a purchase at least once a year under the influence of newsletters;
  • Email marketing is still more effective than Facebook and Twitter at establishing long-term customer relationships;
  • Every dollar spent on mailings brings in an average of $40;
  • Video marketing in your emails has the potential to increase open rates by 19%, boost click-through rates by 65%, and decrease unsubscribes by 26%.

Obviously, it is extremely important to use marketing channels to promote your brand. How does email marketing work? By sending the right emails to the right people from your CRM database, you can:

  • Increase customer loyalty to the brand by establishing direct relationships with consumers;
  • Ensure a stable increase in conversion;
  • Strengthen the brand’s position in the market;
  • Reduce the rate of negativity and create a positive perception.

Therefore, email marketing is recognized as one of the most powerful tools for building long-term consumer-brand relationships.

How to Promote Your Brand in the Emails You Send?

There are a couple of useful strategies that will help you promote your brand, develop brand identity, and increase brand awareness through email marketing.

#1 – Ask Permission

Do not send emails to random people from your CRM database. Make sure that you reach out to those who have expressed a desire to receive emails from you. Of course, making a well-defined list of subscribers will take a long time. But, a legal method of collecting addresses will save you from massive unsubscriptions and spam complaints. And with the right content marketing strategy, you can easily convert new-found customers into returning clients.

#2 – Choose the Right Tone of Communication

How do you represent your brand? How should it look in the eyes of the buyer? Let your brand image correspond to the prevailing style of communication with subscribers in your emails, use humor in your texts. This will increase consumer confidence in it.

#3 – Create Recognizable Email Templates

Use your logo as well as corporate identity colors, fonts, and visuals for brand awareness. Be sure to allocate space for company information. If your emails are easy to recognize and have a branded visual design, this is another step towards earning trust from the consumer.

#4 – Make Your Emails Easy to Read

Do not send plain text to your customers. Convey your main thoughts in a way that is easy to perceive. You can use a visual or a thank you video instead of a couple of sentences. Embedding video is just the edgy trend, but be sure to make the clip as open-friendly as possible. If you’re making video in your macOS hardware, convert MOV to MP4 on Mac so that the video reaches the widest audience.

Besides that, it is recommended to place only one call to action in one email so that subscribers know what you want them to do. It is best to test different calls to action, themes, text block layouts, etc.

#5 – Create a Welcome Email Series

This will set the tone for future relationships with your customers. Typically, the welcome email series has the highest open rates. Take advantage of this. Tell your customers about the company, give a special bonus to them. Thus, you can be sure that your subscribers will have a positive impression of the brand and company.

Let your customers choose the frequency and subject of the mailings that they will receive. For this, you can put several links to products or information on various topics in the first email. By tracking user activity and behavior, you can segment your customers by preference based on the click-through and choices they make.

Use email validation solutions to prevent emails being sent to invalid email addresses and reduce bounce rate.

#6 – Create a Landing Page

From the buyer’s perspective, there is nothing worse than clicking on a call to action, hoping to make a purchase, and then not being able to find the target button on the page. Make sure that the CTA corresponds to the context of the page it leads to.

#7 – Avoid Sending Sales Emails Only

Newsletters are the best way to create an authoritative brand image. Send useful information to your customers, provide them with solutions to their problems. If your email texts consist of advertising messages only, the interest of subscribers will decrease. This will immediately affect email open rates, click-through rates, and conversions.

#8 – Send Emails Regularly

Create a mailing schedule. Determine the frequency and days when you communicate with your audience. Thus, even among the huge amount of incoming emails, customers will find your messages. Don’t bombard recipients with a lot of emails. But don’t take long breaks either. Find a happy medium – the optimal email sending frequency is 1 or 2 emails a week.

#9 – Segment Your Audience & Personalize Emails

By segmenting your CRM base, you will establish a more trusting relationship with your customers. This will allow you to send only the necessary information to people and to make communication even more pleasant and exciting. A personal appeal will only contribute to the formation of a positive brand image.

#10 – Engage Your Audience

Establish two-way communication with your customers. Send interactive emails, create polls, games, ask to share their feedback, post photos with your product, and give bonuses for their activity. By doing this, you can increase the popularity of the brand.

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Final Say!

Email marketing is almost a universal tool in promoting a personal brand. The newsletter helps you achieve several goals of your brand at once – demonstrate your expertise, inform customers about your services, and influence sales.

As you can see, through email marketing, you can perfectly promote your personal brand and gain a loyal audience. You just need to make an effort and stick to the above recommendations to succeed. Establish trusting relationships with your audiences – and they will pay you off well.

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