4 Website Security Ideas to Defeat Hackers and Malware

Every website owner fights a battle against hackers and malware. The stakes are high as hackers become more equipped. But still defeating them is possible.

Presenting four website security ways to defeat hackers and malware and shift your focus to growth.

1. Never Underestimate Your Password

The most vulnerable mistake you could be doing is having a fragile password.

If for your site xyz.abc you are using a password xyz123 or xyz1990 then hackers will take seconds to crack it.

Use a password with more characters and a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters with digits. Play with the digits. Password xyz1990 would be vulnerable but 19xyz90 still has better security chances.

Change password frequently to ensure website safety. Advise using a strong password to your users to secure them as well.

2. Get the Army of Security Ready

Just follow the checklist of the security squad to secure your website and say a final goodbye to hackers.

  • Updates: An update will itself save you from malware on your website. Enable auto update and get peace of mind in return.
  • Excellent Host: Don’t settle for a mediocre website host. A supreme host will bulletproof your website without emptying your pockets.
  • Antivirus: Antivirus does more than killing the virus. It shields the website from unauthorized and threatening links. And real-time protection is the bonus.
  • Firewalls: Intelligent web application firewalls prevent malicious links and attackers to reach your website. By blocking threats to enter your website it lowers chances of hacking and getting a virus. It analyses traffic and blocks the fake and dangerous traffic reducing the risks.
  • Secure Payment: Hackers are behind the money. To ensure you have a safe payment route for the users while preventing data leakage use PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance and secure the money and data as well.

3. Are Your Wi-Fi and Browser Safe?

If you jump on the opportunity of having an open Wi-Fi, then get ready to lose your data.

Never use open Wi-Fi, even in the emergency. They could be hackers enticing you with free Wi-Fi and stealing data in return.

If you use the cybercafe or someone else’s laptop then stop clicking on auto fill of passwords. Also, while using personal devices make sure your home Wi-Fi network is secured.

Look into the settings of the browser. Disable any option that could reveal your personal and professional data.

4. Security Plugin Adds the Power

For WordPress website, you can install security plugins. They are cost effective plugins and give elaborated results to find and fix the loophole and malware.

Don’t panic while you secure your site. Hackers could be smart but using these ways they can be vanquished. They will never reach your site if you are alert. Follow these ways and keep your eyes open. Your alertness will itself defeat the hackers.

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