What is Endpoint Security? Why It Matters for Your Business?

In the age of technology, everyone is talking about something called “endpoint security”. With numerous cybersecurity companies promising to keep your endpoints protected, what actually is “endpoint security”, and why is it essential for your business?

“Endpoint Security”: Defined and Contextualised

Sometimes referred to as endpoint protection, endpoint security is a system for network security managements, or a specific software package which addresses endpoint security. The endpoints of a network are typically individual devices, such as laptops, smartphones or workstation PCs from which a network is accessed.

Endpoint Security is important to businesses in which it is common to use many different devices to access a business network, including using personal devices as opposed to managed devices. Personal devices such as smartphones may be used to access sensitive or confidential data, which can then end up being stored on the device, making it more at risk of a data breach.

The process of using one’s own personal devices is commonly referred to as ‘bring your own device’, or BYOD – and its safety has been debated fervently over the years. However, with the coronavirus pandemic having required many people to work from home with little notice, BYOD policies have had to be adopted by most businesses, even if those policies were only intended to be temporary.

Why Should You Consider Endpoint Security for Your Business?

1. Reduce Endpoint Threats

While security threats have traditionally come through the network, nowadays, the threats can come from the endpoints. As a result, network security may not go far enough towards protecting your devices.

Endpoint security, however, shifts the perimeters of your security, building new layers of protection for your workplace data. This allows you greater control over any vulnerable devices, such as those used for remote working.

2. Detect Malware

Endpoint security can detect compromised devices attempting to connect to the network and restrict their access immediately.

Monitoring the network constantly is another way in which you can achieve greater control over what users can and cannot do, blocking any risky activities before any damage can be done.

3. Protects the Network and Device

By using endpoint security, you are not only protecting the endpoint devices but also the network itself, as endpoint security often offers in-built central network security, too.

4. Can be Used in Conjunction with Antivirus Software

Though endpoint security can detect a compromised device, it may not have the capacity to eliminate its presence on the network. However, when you employ endpoint security in conjunction with antivirus software, this is a very efficient way to keep your devices and network safe.

5. It will Allow You to Work from Home (Virtually) Risk-free

As working from home, flexible working and hybrid office models look like they are here to stay post-pandemic, it is now more important than ever before for companies to make sure they have suitable permanent policies and protections for BYOD arrangements.

Whilst we can see the end in sight for the potential end of the coronavirus pandemic, you should still do what you can to avoiding falling victim to a cyber virus, and make sure that your business is protected by endpoint security.

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