Why Do Apple Products Have a Good Resale Value?

Since Apple was first founded in 1976, they have been one of the most sought-after brands of computer and mobile devices. You can’t turn a corner in the street without seeing someone with the latest iPhone in hand, but why are Apple products so popular?

Why are Apple Products so Favoured?

Whether you’re looking to sell your MacBook Pro or trade in your old iPhone for a newer one, you’re guaranteed to get a good price for it. This is due to the rising prices of each new piece of technology. People are continuously buying Apple products and there are no signs of this spending trend slowing down.

At every new Apple release each store will have a queue around the block, sometimes even a few days prior to the product going on sale because people are that eager to get their hands on them. The need for consumers to have the latest Apple product is now higher than ever before.

They’re Better Value than Their Competitors

The Apple vs Android & Windows debate has been going on for quite some time, but it’s hard to dismiss that Apple do provide high quality products for the price that you pay.

That’s because ever Apple product is designed to be high-end. Whereas some of their competitors might make cheaper alternatives to save consumers money, Apple is all about quality and exceptional performance, meaning that long after your Android phone has glitched out or broken, your Apple device will continue to thrive.

Apple do however provide reasonably priced alternative products that don’t compromise on quality, such as the MacBook Air – a slimmer, more compact version of the MacBook Pro with less ports and features but still the same powerful hard drive and sleek functionality.

Higher Initial Costs

Due to Apple products being higher priced within the market than that of their competitors, the price will not depreciate as quickly as it will still be seen as worth at least 75% of the original price so long as there is no damage.

The supply and demand of Apple products means that Apple can charge these prices for their products and know that they will still sell and be popular. Due to the company having already made a popular name and household recognised brand for themselves, they have become well established and have a loyal following who will continue to purchase their products as they are released.

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