Writing a Digital Marketing Case Study: 7 Points to Consider

A digital marketing case study is something that dives one thing, human relations. Majority of customers across the world trust the things they read from case studies, however, they can be a turn off too.

The reason for that is many case studies have no life, zero facts, no substance and full of bullet points. To come up with a stand out the digital marketing case study, there are 7 steps which help students with marketing case studies.

1. Trust Needs to be Built

Some of the best case studies on the internet have substance to them which doesn’t turn readers off. Case study writing experts need to come up with a plan for picking the right target audience and these people need to have a good level of knowledge.

Trust will not be built if the audience does not understand the language because that is important it comes to reaching out to them. One needs to deliver a piece that is legit, authentic and makes them feel special when they read it.

2. A Digital Marketing Case Study Has to Tell a Story

A lot of people across the world really enjoy reading a wonderful story and that is what a good case study should do. It should be able to take readers on a wonderful journey, one that they will not forget in a hurry.

Its story should be structured in a manner that is exciting and informative so that when someone starts reading it, they will want to finish it. A well-written case study is updated later on allowing readers to see its goal of not just helping customer’s need but obtaining results long term.

3. Formatting is Very Important When it Comes to a Case Study

Reading a large amount of text that does not make sense or not formatted properly is not appealing to many people. No one enjoys doing that at all and is seen as an absolute waste of time. The key is to keep things very simple to attract readers to the case study and not frighten them.

A mess case study with points that are scattered all over the place will turn people off after the few paragraphs. It shows a lack of professionalism and respect for the readers. A good case study is with headers, images, bold text, quotation, and bullet lists.

4. Use Actual Numbers in a Case Study

While this is self-explanatory, a digital marketing case study that does not have actual facts is like a shark in the deep blue sea with no claws. There is no substance to back up what the case study is trying to convey to the audience reading it.

Readers will be put off before they even finish due to lack of facts. It is extremely important for a case study to show real proof because they contribute to what is being told. Real facts add authenticity to what people are reading and they become invested in the case study.

5. Experiment with Several Formats

As pointed out early, many people out there enjoy reading a good story on a regular basis. Case studies should not be in form of a story all the time however, it does help to try something different. A case study that takes the form of an interview can be refreshing to read for some people.

It can answer a few questions that readers might have by quoting words which were said by individuals for example. While this might appear risky to some people, it does show the variety and an element of thinking outside the book which readers will appreciate.

6. A Case Study Has to Appeal to Different People

Reading is something that is not for everyone especially those who have a very busy life and do not have plenty of time on their hands. Most people enjoy listening to audio or watching videos of a case study. A good digital marketing case study will not only take the form of text, but it can also be in form of a podcast, an infographic or even a YouTube video.

This makes it appealing to different types of people who can access the case study in a format they prefer. One can write their case study and hire people to narrate it for them while they are being recorded via audio or video. It really is that simple and straightforward way to cater to different people.

7. A Case Study Has to be Easy to Find

There is absolutely no point writing a case study if readers cannot find it or are having trouble locating it. The writers have to pick the appropriate platform and make sure their case study is easily accessible to readers.

The internet is a very wonderful place to post a case study because a large number of people from across the world can be reached at once. This is because a lot of people can have access to the internet which allows them to easily read any case studies posted.

Overall case studies are a wonderful way many people especially businesses use to spread the word about a service or a product. They are not just testimonials as many people call them because they go beyond that. Great digital marketing case studies are able to enlighten as well as inform readers by presenting facts and telling a story.

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