Android 11 Rolling out for Pixel Phones

Tech enthusiasts have been eagerly waiting for Android 11, and on September 8, 2020, their dreams come true. By doing comparatively lesser marketing, Google started rolling out Android 11 update for supported Pixel phones for now. In case you do not have a Google handset right now, you will not be able to enjoy the stable Android 11.

However, apart from Google Pixel Phones, the Beta version of Android 11 is now available for selected models of Oppo, Realme, Xiaomi and OnePlus as well.

With Android 11, Google Pixel owners will get to know many exciting features that will make their daily phone operations easier. Right now, you will be able to access Android 11 if you have Pixel 4a, Pixel 4 XL, Pixel 4, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 2 XL, or Pixel 2 phones.

Top Features of the New Android 11

The latest version of Android comes with a wide variety of features. We have mentioned all of them in the next portion of this blog.

New Conversion Tab

The latest conversion tab will allow you to differentiate between your phone’s notifications quite easily. This tab will divide your notification bar into two sections consisting of your notifications and your chat conversions.

In-built Screen Recording

The in-built screen recording feature is an excellent addition to Android phones as it is an upgraded version of screenshots. With the help of this feature, you will be able to take pictures of your screen and record short-form videos of it. You will get to record audio as well while taking those videos.

Media Controls and Smart Home

In case you have different smart home devices, the media control and intelligent home feature of Android 11 will help you a lot. With the latest update, your Pixel phone will get a menu that will allow you to control all the smart devices of your home quite easily. Moreover, this feature will also adjust your phone to protect your eyes during night time.

More Privacy and Security

In case of the earlier versions of Android, you were asked to grant permission for all the apps on your phone. But with the updated version of Android, you will have to grant access to the apps every time you open them. By not granting universal app permission, your phone will be more secured and less likely to be attacked by malware and virus.

Updated Accessibility

In case you have Google Pixel phones, you already know about the “hands-free” mode, but with the inclusion of Android 11, that mode will work offline as well. Earlier, it can only be accessed in the online mode. Moreover, this feature also helps people with visual disabilities to write braille messages using the regular keyboard.

Apart from all the said features, the September security update for Pixel devices resolved 22 issues on September 1 and 29 cases on September 5.

Pixel First Features of Android 11

There are some exclusive updates for Android 11 features for Pixel only. They are provided below.

  • Earlier, Pixel users could only share their locations with their friends using Google maps, but now with the new Android update, they can share the Live view. You will precisely know where your friends are in detail.
  • Your Pixel phone will organize the related apps on your phone by grouping them on its own, under a folder name. For example, Photos and Camera apps are grouped in a Folder named “Photography” on its own. Yes, definitely you can still change the name of the folder, if you want.
  • With the new update, your Pixel phone will sort out your apps and pop them up on time by studying your daily routine.


Android 11 will be a game-changer for Pixel phones as it will make every-day Internet operations much more straightforward.

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