7 Best YouTube Channels for 12 Year Olds

In today’s era of digital learning, YouTube videos serve as a great resource for learning new things. Considering the questionable content which is available freely on the internet, most of the parents use YouTube as a learning supplement for their children.

To ease their job, here are seven best YouTube channels for 12 year olds which I personally recommend as a teacher and as a parent to boost your children’s learning.

1. It’s AumSum Time

3.3M Subscribers

To spur creativity about Science

“Why doesn’t Earth has rings like Saturn?”, “How do antibiotics work?”, “Why do giraffes have long necks?”

Does your 12 year old child also ask the same kind of questions? Then, this is the channel you can ask your child to refer to.

It’s AumSum Time is the YouTube channel which has refreshing and creative science videos to keep your children engaged with learning. Apart from encouraging children to ask questions, this channel also has the concept video contents of different science topics.

2. National Geographic

21.1M Subscribers

Care about our planet Earth

National Geographic is the YouTube channel which can be referred to by all ages. It inspires its audience to save Earth and care about nature.

It is one premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Nat Geo would bring your child closer to factful stories of nature through their content created by the team of world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers.

It is one of the most watched YouTube channels by nature lovers of all ages.

3. Pratham Books StoryWeaver

3.43K Subscribers

Best for creative writing and reading skills

StoryWeaver is a platform for multilingual children’s stories by Pratham Books. Children can read, play and create the stories. The channel introduces the children to the world of stories.

It acts as a bridge to shift the focus from gadgets to books. I highly recommend StoryWeaver to kids and their parents for a number of reasons.

Number one, children can listen to stories. Apart from that, children also learn about the importance of reading, tips of reading aloud, tips for storytelling, guide to create their own stories and upload them on their website for free.

4. Peekaboo Kidz

3.3M Subscribers

Educational videos for kids and young children

Peekaboo is one of the best YouTube channels for kids, I would say. I used this channel most for teaching science topics to understand in fun and interesting ways.

It is recommended for its colourful animation for different topics. Children can meet Dr. Binocs on Peekaboo Kidz and explore the world of science and fun facts in their videos. Apart from these, there is also content useful for young kids.

5. Khan Academy

7.69M Subscribers

Subject related educational content

Khan Academy – YouTube channel nourishes your knowledge hungry all-rounder’s brain. Talk about any topics like math, biology, chemistry, physics, history, economics, finance or grammar, this channel would not fail to provide you with the content on the learning topics of these subjects.

This channel is used by many teachers to identify and fill in the learning gaps in their students. One of the added advantages is that this channel is available in various regional languages like Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi too. This makes it easily adaptable for its viewers to learn new concepts in the language they are comfortable with.

6. Rock ‘N Learn

1.72M Subscribers

Best for learning new foreign languages

Rock ‘N Learn is a channel for young kids and children. I found the channel most useful for learning many foreign languages, useful for children and young adults.

Apart from this, it also offers videos for reading, math, and science. It also has colourful and interesting educational videos for 3 years and older. This award-winning channel is trusted by many parents and teachers for its entertaining learning video contents.

7. LearningMole

38.7K Subscribers

Entertaining and educational videos

LearningMole provides interactive videos about different topics starting from very basic concepts. If you are looking for videos in simple language with clear concepts, LearningMole is one of the best YouTube channels for 12 year old children.

Their videos cover various subjects like maths, science, space, computer, games, history, cooking for children, Joyful learning activities etc. You would find this channel a resourceful guide and a useful aid for home-schooling your genius.

Are Short Videos Safe for Kids?

As parents and well wishers of the kids, we wish that our children spend least time on screen. This tempts us to look for short videos for our kids, say YouTube shorts.

If you are also considering YouTube shorts for your kids, then that needs to be controlled. The foremost reasons are:

  • YouTube Shorts and Reels are mostly entertaining and not educational.
  • As these videos are very short, instead of decreasing the screen time, this may lead to an increase in screen time.
  • This has the risk of addiction and unsafe content as the inappropriate content keeps popping up on short video platforms.
  • Addiction to this affects children’s normal development and draws their attention away from the productive activities like reading and spending quality time with the family and friends.

I hope that parents and teachers find these recommendations resourceful. Your recommendations would be highly appreciable and useful for the readers under the comments section. Happy learning!

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Riddhi Nath
Riddhi Nath
Presently a teacher at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Riddhi is an alumnus of MS University of Vadodara, India. She has published many of her works for well-known kids’ magazines like RobinAge, Kid’s Age and various online forums. Her passion to write and desire to see positive changes in our society has inspired her to write. Apart from her love for teaching and writing, she also enjoys socializing, storytelling, reading and playing badminton.
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