Simplest Guide to Self-Install Spectrum Internet Service

Living in a fast-paced world where everything happens at the speed of a bullet, having high-speed internet service is absolutely necessary. Now that you have finally subscribed to the Spectrum Internet service, it is time to find out how you can buy its self-installation kit and install it yourself.

Before you dive into its installation process, you should be aware of what it includes and how you can get it. Knowing this will give you a clear idea of whether to do it yourself or opt for the spectrum’s professional assistance who would do everything for you.

How to Order the Self-Installation Kit

The self-installation kit is free of cost. You can order it while subscribing to the internet service either by phone or online. In case you have already placed your order and did not know about the self-installation kit then, you can call Spectrum’s customer service and they can send it to you via mail.

What Does the Kit Include?

Here is a list of things that the self-installation kit should include:

  • A welcome guide with a complete set of instructions
  • A brand-new modem
  • A Wi-Fi router
  • An ethernet cable
  • A coaxial cable (and/or coaxial splitters)
  • Two power cables

After you receive the kit, open it, and make sure that everything you need is in there. If anything is missing, get in touch with a customer representative right away.

#1. Connecting the Modem

Once you make sure that you have everything, your first step is to connect the modem. Follow these steps to get it running:

1. Look for coaxial cable in the self-installation kit. Grab it and attach one end to the cable outlet. Once it’s secured, connect its other end with the modem.

2. If you need to use a single outlet to connect the modem as well as the Spectrum’s Receiver, find the additional (coaxial) cable and (coaxial) splitter in your kit.

3. Grab the short end of the (coaxial) cable, connect it to a socket in the wall, and the ‘IN’ side of the (coaxial) splitter.

4. Connect both the Spectrum’s Receiver and the modem to the ‘OUT’ end of the (coaxial) splitter.

5. Now pick out the power cable from the kit and connect one end to the modem. Then, plug the other end into a socket.

6. The connection may take approx. 5 minutes to complete. When the blinking lights on the modem’s light turn into a solid color, it will indicate that the connection has been completed.

7. Once the lights on your modem become a steady solid color, it means that the modem is connected.

#2. Connecting the Modem to a Router

You can use the following steps to connect the modem with the router.

1. Grab the ethernet cord from the installation kit. Plug one end into the modem and the other end will go into the internet port of your Wi-Fi router.

2. Get the other power cord, attach one end to the router and plug the other into a socket.

3. You will see lights blinking on your Wi-Fi router. Wait for the lights to turn to a solid green color. It may take approx. 10 minutes.

4. Once you see the lights turn to a solid green color, it indicates that your router is now connected.

5. If the router does not get connected, turn it off by pressing the power button on its back and try the steps again.

#3. Activating the Modem

Activate your internet by using the spectrum website. Grab a computer or a smartphone, type in, and follow the given instructions.

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