5 Features Your Wireless Router Must Have

In the world where everything is connected to the internet, our Wi-Fi system is as valuable as electricity. While choosing a new Wi-Fi router or updating the old one, having a wireless router is more convenient. It’s both user-friendly and looks premium.

There are many options of wireless Wi-Fi routers available and to choose the right one can become a puzzle. To end your struggle here are features your wireless Wi-Fi router must have.

1. Get Hands on the Current Version

The letter ‘b’, ‘g’ or ‘n’ are written on a router and they tell about the router standards or in a simpler language their generation. Like a Wi-Fi router with number 802.11b will be older than 802.11n. The current generation of routers has the letter ‘n’. And you must look for it.

Wifi router with three antenna

2. Choose the Band Based on Needs

Wi-Fi router comes in two bands- single and dual. In layman’s language, the band with higher frequency shows better coverage. The single band router has frequency 2.4 GHz. These are perfect for limited use because show interference with Bluetooth devices and mobiles. Thus for people needing more strong network the dual-band with 5 GHz is perfect. This also applies to the customers buying a gaming WiFi device.

A Dual band router comes with two radios, one connects with the 2.4 GHz frequency and the other for 5 GHz band. It gives better connectivity, lower interference, and a quality user experience.

3. Don’t Compromise the Security

Security is a major issue as the number of hackers are becoming unlimited. Now for better security WEP security is present in routers. This is more secure than WPA and WPA2. Certain routers also come with a feature of guest access and control on what your user can access when connected with your Wi-Fi. All this makes sure your system is breach free and you must have these weapons.

4. Dual WAN is Better

Though single WAN is good, it can give troubles when it fails to connect with the internet. To avoid this Wi-Fi routers come with dual WAN now. Dual WAN provides stronger connectivity and a 100% Wi-Fi zone.

5. Check Your Speed

Your Wi-Fi can only provide the speed that your internet connection permits. But having a quality router is still needed. Next generations Wi-Fi routers, the Wi-Fi marked with ‘n’ ensure your broadband speed reaches your devices smoothly.

The most used Wi-Fi system, 802.11n, is able to give data rates high up to 600Mbps. Also, this has a dual frequency band. It is based on a technology called Multiple Input Multiple Output. Using it, the antennas in the Wi-Fi router send and receive more intense signals and thus the Internet connection is enhanced.

These were the important five features your wireless (Wi-Fi) router must have. Your strong Wi-Fi connection fails if your router is not compatible with it. So, you cannot ignore the router quality. A router can be a one-time investment. Make wise choices on it!

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