How to Use Technology as a Tool against Drug Addiction

The biggest addiction we face today is technology. We are stuck to gadgets like glue. Knowing this, can you consider this technology of being able to remove any addiction?

The answer is yes, technology can help to fight the addiction of drugs. Using some gadgets our lifelong addiction can be fought and we can come out of it smiling. Let’s find out how to use technology as a tool against drug addiction?

1. A Watch to Time Cigarette Usage

The main motivation to remain sober is achieved by viewing your timeline of not touching any substance successfully. If you have a watch tied to your wrist telling you from how much time you haven’t smoked, you will never proceed to ruin your record. Every time your hand stretches for a cigarette, your watch will stop you.

A smartwatch ‘Stop Smoking! Android Wear’ can help you monitor and stop your smoking. It indicates how many cigarettes you have avoided. This may look small but the watch will deliver you the needed tug to stop your smoking desire. Next time you will be able to stop smoking without needing it.

2. Sensors can Stop Smoking

A watch as an indicator is useful but what if you start neglecting it? Then you need a wearable called Somatix.

The system used by Somatix is ‘Smokebeat’. It is a combination of science and technology. Inside your wearable, an accelerometer and gyroscope are put. When your smoking urge is high, it is detected using your mouth and hand gestures. The job of Somatix starts by providing awareness to the user. It also provides a customized program for the treatment of addiction.

3. Gadgets against Alcohol

Millions of people are poisoning their liver, brain, heart, and kidney because of glasses of alcohol. You can abstain from alcohol using technology of a wearable device called as BACtrack Skyn. It can be a savior from alcoholism by measuring the amount of alcohol levels in the skin using sensors and indicating the alcohol levels in a go. Cutting of alcohol becomes easy because of that indication.

Gadgets can also measure blood alcohol level and Mobile Breath analyzers are based on this principle. These analyzers measure the alcohol level, digitalize the data and show the result on the smartphones. Thus they enable the addict to control the urge. Once controlled only then the addiction be stopped.

EtG sensors are also available and they can detect alcohol levels even after four days of consumption.

4. Gadgets to Fight Cocaine

Biosensors can easily detect the change in heartbeats and breathing rate before and after the intake of the drugs like cocaine. The biosensor called Zephyr Biosensor is wrapped around the user’s chest and using it the doctor at the rehab center for drugs can obtain the data and use it for the treatment of addiction.

5. Aim The Triggers As Well

Another gadget E4 Empatica is very useful in finding the triggers and situations that flame the drug urges. It consists of a wristband which monitors the skin temperature, GPS location, the skin’s conductance, and heartbeat. This measurement gives the doctors the data and the readings of symptoms and causes which leads to the relapse.

And by comparing and knowing the situations when the tendency to indulge in drugs is high, the addiction could be fought.

Whether the gadgets we talked be helpful for you depends on you. If your desire of getting rid of the drugs is small but it comes from the heart you will succeed. These gadgets will go vain if you are not consistent. Your trust in gadgets will do the magic of giving you a sober life.



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