6 New and Significant Inventions in Technology

The past half-a-decade has been all about an unprecedented outpouring of new inventions in technology. Things that may have seemed stuff of sci-fi as recently as 2010 are now integral parts of our everyday.

Think facial recognition, voice assistants, wearables, iPads, cab-hailing apps and even Instagram. As we venture into another New Year, we bring you a roundup on six technology inventions in 2020 that’ll rule the roost.

1. 5G

5G, or 5th generation of mobile network, is undoubtedly one of the new inventions in technology to keep an eye out for in 2020. This newest version will make mobile networks more potent with capability of inter-connecting not just personal devices but also machines and other objects.

Needless to say, it will elevate the performance of mobile internet to a whole different level. 5G will be marked by ultra-low latency, multiple GBPS peak rates and massive capacities.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is one of the great technology inventions of our times, that has revolutionized not just the field of technology but also healthcare, finance, automobiles, manufacturing and more.

Besides, tech behemoths like Google and Amazon are continually tapping into AI to deliver improved, personalized experience to the end user. It is safe to say that in 2020, AI has become deeply entrenched in our everyday lives.

3. Robotics

Ipal is a robot that helps children with autism improve their communication skills. It enables them to use speech and movement in order to create social interactions with its users. This also provides visual stimuli to children who might not otherwise be able to enjoy it. This allows them to learn more about their surroundings, which is helpful for decision making. Ipal also teaches children how to interact with others and increase their communication skills by giving them games and activities to participate in.

4. User-Friendly Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) remained somewhat sluggish in its initial growth on account of being expensive and cumbersome to use, but it has seen major breakthrough moments over the past year or so. One such milestone is the emergence of new-age VR headsets and escape virtual reality game set that do not need elaborate set up, external wires or even a connection with a PC to be operations.

Headsets like these are among the new inventions in technology that will redefine the journey of VR into the future.

5. ECG-Enabled Wearables

ECG-enabled smart watches are undoubtedly one of those life-saving technology inventions we ought to be grateful for. Unlike a regular fitness tracker, these wearables offer the results of an electrocardiogram with almost the same precision as a medical one.

There have been instances when these smart wearables have caught a red flag and saved a life. The Apple Watch, which was the first to sport the ECG feature, even called 911 after detecting a heart attack in one instance.

6. Smart Fitness Mirror

The Mirror, a smart fitness gadget, is the sleekest and the most ergonomic of the new inventions in technology in recent times. Released in 2019, this device allows you to pursue fitness goals within the comfort of their personal space.

If you have struggled to keep up with fitness tutorials on your smartphone or laptop, you’ll appreciate the Mirror for what it does. This smart mirror device streams workout videos, complete with an interactive fitness coach, so that you can learn by doing.

While that’s our pick of the tech innovations that stirred and made an impact, there are lots and lots more impeccable gadgets and technologies out there. If you’ve invented a new tech or an idea, you can take the help of companies to transform your idea into reality.

Let us know in comments below which do you think qualify as the most gripping technology inventions in 2020?

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