Business & Tech Trends For 2021

Every year various business and tech trends shape the business world. 2021 will be a year like no other, with businesses desperate to get back to a sense of normality and overcome the issues that have arisen from the pandemic, but the pandemic is not yet over, and it would be naive to think that things will return to normal even after most people have been vaccinated. This makes it hard to predict what the next 12 months (and beyond) will look like, but a few business and tech trends look certain for 2021.

Expansion of Remote Work

Remote work has been on the rise in recent years but became the norm in 2020 due to the pandemic. 2021 will see a continuation of this as businesses see the benefits that this can bring, including an increase in morale, reduced costs, and an increase in productivity in many cases. Additionally, this will likely lead to businesses starting to employ people regardless of their location, which will allow them to secure the best talent possible.

AI, Machine Learning, Robotics & Automation

Technologies such as AI, machine learning, robotics, and automation will see huge growth in 2021 as a way for businesses to get back on track, manage manpower shortages, reduce operational costs, streamline the operation and make smarter business decisions.

These technologies have become more prevalent in various industries in the last few years, but the pandemic will accelerate demand as they can be used to help companies overcome many of the challenges that the pandemic has brought.

Businesses Going Green by Increasing Recycling

While environmental damage may not have been the main headline over the last year, it has been another major topic, and consumers are becoming increasingly eco-aware and selective of the brands they use. Businesses will be using 2021 as a fresh start and finding ways to make their business greener, including using a baler to streamline and increase recycling and using baling wire to secure bundles for transport.

Contactless Operations

Businesses have had to adapt to survive during the pandemic, and one of the most obvious ways that companies have done this is with contactless operations, which might include contactless delivery and shipping or providing services and consultations via videoconferencing.

This will continue while the pandemic continues and likely even after this as it can be more efficient and certain restrictions are likely to stay in place for a long time. Therefore, businesses need to find a way to embrace contactless operations if they are to succeed in 2021, and this is easier in certain industries than in others.

These are a few of the main business and tech trends that are likely to shape 2021, which will be a unique year with companies trying to get back on track while the pandemic continues but should gradually slow with the vaccine rollout. Hopefully, this will allow businesses to kick on and find success this year and beyond.

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