Why Vingo is the Best Fitness App in 2022

This is a lucky year for all fitness buffs around the world. Vingo, the latest and the most feature-laden online fitness app is transforming people’s work-out time into an adventure of their lifetimes. The app can be used for all indoor exercises like jogging, running and cycling. And, once you start using it, there is no way you will give it up. It is very addictive and very immersive. Here are some points about the app that will surely get you into it.

It is not Just a Tracking App

The app uses Virtual Reality at its base. This means that you will enter the online virtual world while you start using it. You can easily connect the app with your equipment and the ANT+ sensors in the app will automatically monitor your movements from then on.

After tracking your movements on your equipment, the app sends the information to your screens, where you will notice, the scenery being adjusted to your favour. As for the sceneries themselves, you can select from a wide range of maps and locations, all preloaded in the app. You can run in those locations; you can cycle in them, and you can even take a relaxing walk inside these virtual spots.

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Simple & User-friendly Interface in App

The Vingo app has a very simple User Interface in it. There are no complicated functions which might confuse you or make you wonder what might happen. Every setting, selection button, and adjustment can be done with a simple click of a button. You can browse through the app with ease and get to know its full functionalities within half an hour.
You can then gain full control of the app and use it to your advantage. It is a versatile app, and you can use the app as per your will and make it a holistic and an interesting experience.

Compatible with all Indoor Bikes & Treadmills

The best thing about this app for running routes is that it is compatible with every indoor exercise equipment made so far. You can connect it with your most advanced treadmill or even your basic training bike. Even if your equipment is not enabled with connectivity features, you need to worry, for you can always enter your measurements and values manually in the app.

The App is Available for Free Use Now

The app is right now placed in Beta Mode. This means it is completely free to use and open for registrations. You can create your own account in the app and enjoy all its premium features like HD maps, Avatars, Voice Chat, Communities, etc, all for free.
Furthermore, you can even invite up to eight people to use your account for free. All the members can access the above premium features and even create their own accounts for free too.

You will get a better idea about the app once you get a hang of it. So, hurry now, install the app on your iPhone or iPad and enter the virtual world of fitness.

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