How to Take Advantage of Gantt Chart Outlook Integration

Outlook is a popular application under Office 365 used as a collaboration tool mainly for emails. However, it is a powerful information manager with many other features, with the calendar being the most useful scheduling app. Outlook integrates with many other digital solution tools and applications, particularly Microsoft apps such as the Office 365 Gantt chart app.

For now, let’s discuss the Gantt chart Outlook integration and how users can take advantage of the solution to improve task management and collaboration.

What is Gantt Chart Outlook Integration?

The Office 365 Gantt chart looks like any other Gantt chart, but it is customized for SharePoint tasks. Hence, it is also offered as a Gantt chart web part, which allows integration with ecommerce digital solutions. Whether you use the original Gantt chart app or the web part, you can integrate it with Outlook through the calendar.

Gantt chart Outlook integration allows users to view scheduled tasks right on their calendar as well as edit them. Users are required to know how to make a Gantt chart in Excel Office 365 to use the Gantt chart in Outlook efficiently. Fortunately, this is very straightforward.

How Gantt Chart Outlook Works

The main reason to have the Gantt chart Outlook integration is to view project tasks in your Outlook calendar. The chart is displayed clearly in Excel format and allows you to edit it. Since it is an online solution, any alteration is visible across all team members. However, this is subject to the rights that you have.

The Office 365 Gantt on Outlook picks tasks from the SharePoint list, and lets you view them on your Outlook. It also works for companies with multiple SharePoint lists.

Gantt chart Outlook integration also allows users to work around the order of performing tasks through the parent/child and predecessor/successor relationship. The tasks are connected through arrows, and you can view, change, and assign them right on your Outlook.

This integration will help Outlook users to order and arrange tasks depending on how you want them to be fulfilled. Gantt chart Excel 365 allows you to drag and drop tasks depending on where you would like them to be displayed, and this capability is exported to the Gantt chart Outlook integration as well.

The last but not least capability is the color coding of different tasks to give them a priority and improve visual appearance for ease of understanding. You can color-code the Gantt chart across all integrations including the Gantt chart Outlook integration.

With Gantt chart Outlook integration, there are many other task management benefits to enjoy, especially as you understand how the chart works. Hence, it is important to make the integration for your teams, especially if Outlook is your main tool of work for tasks.


Gantt chart integration with Outlook is an amazing solution for handling both long- and short-term projects. After all, it is good to increase access to your preferred tools across different platforms through integrations. Now that you know how it works, it is time to introduce it into your ecommerce business.

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