Brawl Stars: An Awesome Multiplayer Battle Game

Every phone has a void if it has no games in it. While filling our travelling time or on boring days, games have become our sanctuaries. For the people who get the kick from action jammed games Supercell has made Brawl Stars. The name must have excited the child in you and here is the A to Z of Brawl Stars Game.

Brawl Stars is an action-packed multiplayer game where players act as a competitive shooter to save their lives. The beta version of Brawl Stars was available for some countries like Denmark, Canada, and Sweden. Now the game is launched on December 12th, 2018 globally for a wider audience.

This game is a fast racing single or multiplayer game where the players collect the gems and the brawlers. Gems are used as the coins to make a purchase. The brawlers are cartoon characters which one has to choose before playing the game. These brawlers have six types and these include Mythic, Epic, Rare, League Rewards, Rare, and Legendary.

These brawlers are found from the brawl boxes and to open the boxes player needs gems. In Brawl Stars players get ranks based on the levels they reach and the number of trophies they collect. The flipping of mono to duo players is easy. By joining or creating bands the game can be switched from mono player to multiplayer.

So you can play with your buddies and flaunt your victory. Also, this game has a title of star player and just by being on the top of local and regional leader jobs you can be the one.

The game is for free and has the size of around 179MB for iOS and around 85MB for Android compatible devices. It has additional in-app purchases of unique skins and gems. The makers are constantly updating the game and have tested it for years. After frequent updates, the players can have fresh brawlers, uploaded maps, skins and special events. This game can prove to be a good pass time for you.

Brawl Stars Hack

Brawl Stars have purchases but to play the game at your best level you do not need to spend your money. Yes, you can get gems and save your money too. Because the main currency of the game is the gems, having more gems ensures a smooth game experience and clearing more levels. By starting Brawl Star hack and typing your name you can get gems right away. iOS users can also use this hack and save money and play more.

After the super success of the game ‘The Clash of Clans’, Supercell Oy created Brawl Stars game. This game is well crafted for the people that are players at heart. It says, “Team up and join the battle.” And you would love to enter and win the battle. Unleash the warrior in you by playing it.

Download Brawl Stars: Android | iOS

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Reema Patel
Reema Patel
3 years ago

Oooh thank you for this! I’m currently downloading the game now, it looks great. I am a big fan of video games but have never found a really good phone game that does the same thing on the go. Definitely going to be giving this a go during my boring work commutes! Thank you.