5 Things to Consider before Choosing ISP for Your Business

Finding the perfect Internet Service Provider (ISPs) for your business can be one daunting task. With growing importance of email, cloud computing and internet connectivity, choosing a wrong ISP could leave your flourishing business at a standstill. Whether you are seeking ISP for the first time or switching to a different service provider, consider the following factors before you make a decision:

1. Location

Location is the first factor to be considered when looking for an ISP (Internet service provider). Based on your location, different service providers have different price and levels of service available.

Sometimes even the best service providers do not work well in certain areas/ places. Gather information and list out all the high-speed internet providers available in your location to choose from.

2. Download and Upload Speed

When it comes to speed, the faster you can download and upload data, the better will be your user experience and business productivity.

Fiber internet upload speed is nearly equal to its download speed, it has to be your first choice among the rest in speed. After fiber, cable Internet should be your next best bet for speed.

If you have a small-scale business and don’t need a high-speed connection today, with growing business and internet usage, your needs may change. So, give a good thought on choosing a service provider that offers high-speed technologies.

3. Cost and Contract

Though the size of the company doesn’t make a major difference in the costs, the nature of work involved in a company like huge file transfers and video conferencing play a big role. It is important to calculate your business’s high-speed internet requirement so that you don’t end up paying too much or get stuck with too little.

The cost of a connection varies depending on the type (DSL, Fiber, Cable, Satellite etc.) and speed. For example, fiber internet is costlier than DSL and Cable internet as it has better download and upload speed; hence, the cost goes up in concurrent to speed.

Contract length also matters since monthly rates can increase over time. ISPs being a critical IT infrastructure partner, value your business and will offer sign up promotions. However, it is important to measure the final price when your promo price switches to the regular one.

Another important point to consider in contract is the Early termination fees or ETFs. ISPs with contract may offer better price but ETFs can easily end up costing you more money in the long run if you ever make a decision to change your service halfway.

4. Reliability and Service Terms

Most ISPs factor reliability in terms of uptime, which refers to the percentage of time your ISP is up and running. Even the fastest download speed is not worth if it works only half the time.

What if your ISP fails to live up to the service agreements? Make sure you ask your service provider to consider offering service level agreements and find out the recourse your business has in case your ISP fails to meet its service guarantee.

It will also be helpful to take general customer reviews in your location/region that can provide the pros and cons of each internet service provider.

5. Technical Support

An important factor to consider should be the readily available, quality technical support. Even the best internet companies face problems from time to time and when things go wrong, make sure you have accessible technical support.

To find a company that offers quality customer service, make sure you test the ISPs technical support with a call or two, browse its online technical advice or go through reviews which is a good way to determine how helpful are the technical support team.


Choosing an Internet Service Provider (ISP) is nearly as important as your any other business decisions. Your business’s reliance on an Internet is only going to grow day by day. So, make sure you are getting the most out of your ISP and consider these factors before shopping around.

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Joy Butler
Joy Butler
5 years ago

Hi Arpita, I am not a techy person that is why this post is really helpful to me. I found it interesting when you said that location is the first and foremost factor that needs to be considered when we opted to look for an ISP. Usually, it’s my eldest son who is fixing this for me, but let me… Read more »

Tiffany Locke
Tiffany Locke
5 years ago

It’s great that this article talks about how internet service providers offer different prices and levels depending on your location. Since this is the case, you’d probably want to research local providers and check out their website in order to learn more about their internet packages. You might also want to call them so that you can ask questions and… Read more »

Jocelyn McDonald
Jocelyn McDonald
5 years ago

My sister wants to start her own business, and I suggested she figure out which internet service provider she want to use for it. You had some great tips for choosing and ISP for this, and I liked how you said to ask about surface level agreements in case the ISP doesn’t meet its service guarantee. This way you know… Read more »

Katie Wilson
Katie Wilson
5 years ago

I recently moved to an area with more spotty coverage, and I need a new internet provider because of it. Thanks to your advice, I know to consider if they offer quality technical support. When I pick a new coverage provider, I’ll have to also ask past clients what their experiences have been.