5 No Pain but Gain Weight Loss Technologies

Technology has given us treadmills, calorimeters, and equipments for weight loss. But no one can deny that they are painstaking. One step ahead and an effortless gift for all the chubby people desiring a slim body is body shaping with technology.

Find those 5 no pain all gain weight loss technologies here.

1. Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting is on the top because it’s non-invasive. You will have no incision on the body and your fat cells will melt away. When exercise doesn’t work Coolsculpting attacks the fat.

An applicator is applied to the affected area which freezes the body fat cells. Because of low temperature, the fat cells can’t work naturally and eventually die. The results are lasting and there is not much requirement of follow up after treatment. It is hassle-free and makes you fat-free.

2. Ultrasonic Cavitation

It’s strange but yes ultrasound energy can burn away your stubborn fat. It is FDA cleared. And again it requires no surgeries, makes no incision and needs time to recover.

This comfortable process involves the use of ultrasound energy to break down fats into triglycerides. And with no pain, your fat itself leaves your body and you love the way you look.

3. Liposuction

To remove a large amount of fat in a few sessions liposuction is the solution. It requires anesthesia and a small incision is made throughout the fat area. The fat globules are pulled out from the body and make you slim.

The effect of this technology is good but it has serious side effects. The incisions can leave scars, the recovery time is long and precautions are required. Also, the nearby cells of the fatty area can be affected, giving serious diseases.

It works but detailed consultation is needed before getting a liposuction.

4. Liposonix

Unlike liposuction, it’s non-invasive and requires no surgery thus reducing the risk factor. Targeting the fat cells it employs high intensity focused ultrasound energy that breaks down the fatty cells.

It doesn’t harm the surrounding cells and with a session of one hour, the body is sculpted. The results are remarkable and one can continue normal activities just after the session.

5. Kybella

If you are struggling with obesity, a big pain would be your double chin. Toning your jaw is easy with Kybella.

It involves prescription of a medicine, deoxycholic acid to adult and it tones your double chin.

This process is also FDA approved but injecting the medicine can cause bruising, sore sand swelling. There are reports of side effects and problems in swallowing and moving the jaw.

These were the technologies that are capable of polishing your body. But don’t jump directly into the appointment. Consult a professional and begin that treatment only for which you are 100% sure. Till then start loving your body.

While you are busy dropping that extra fat, keep in mind that you also need to change your eating habits to maintain your goal weight. When love can melt hearts, don’t you think your self-help can melt your fat cells?

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